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So dinner and a desk? What's next? Are you going to get him a pony?

My new Yahoo! front page doesn't reload every few minutes like my Excite page did.

So I have to manually reload to get new headlines, etc. I guess I got spoiled by Excite.

I also liked the index of stories that Excite puts next to each article, so you can quickly jump to any other story in the section. With Yahoo!, you have to click Back to get back to the index page, and then go to the story that you want from there. Harumph.

OTOH, Yahoo news stories have much more HTML-ized content rather than Excite's mostly just plain text. That's kinda nice.

I just got the weirdest call from DirectTV.

I don't have DirectTV satellite service; I have cable. I have telocity DSL, which was recently bought out by DirectTV (hence, it's now DirectTVDSL).

I got an automated call saying that DirectTV had determined that there was a problem with my DirectTV receiver. Press 1 if it is connected into a phone line, and press 2 if it is not. I hung up.

I wonder if that was a bizarre marketing trick to try and get me to sign up for their satellite service (which doesn't really make sense, because I've already received snail mail promotions from them trying to get me to sign up -- "now that you're a part of DirectTVDSL, you're eligible for satellite service discounts!"), or whether they just screwed up in their systems and somehow have me listed as having satellite service.

Either way, I'm going to be checking my bills closely over the next month...

Hah! I had no idea that LAM's flatd was used to pass the argv from mpirun to each of the destination nodes.

So that's what the flatd is for!


Tracy and I went up to the ND/USC game this weekend.

We went up on Friday and met my parents for the pep rally. Afterwards, we went to dinner at the University Club with Maddog and Maddog, Jr. (his little brother TJ, who is a freshman). A good time was had by all, but I think Maddog mortified my mother with some of his stories.

We went to Senior Bar afterwards and ran into Cristina, Vernon, V, Marty, and some random drunk people. I chatted with Larry (Sr. Bar manager for a while); he's a great guy. I unexpectedly ran into Peggy and Amy Keough who I hadn't seen in years; we chatted for a while and reminisced about old alligator wrestling matches... good times.

Tracy and I stayed at Dog's place. On Saturday morning, we roller bladed to the Jean and Russ tailgater. It was way the hell out by the credit union -- you can't get much farther away from the stadium. Whew! Bunches of other people showed up -- Miker, Mike (yes, they're two entirely different people) and his brother and sister (don't remember their names...:-\ ), Jeff and Dana, etc. There were kids running around everywhere.

We managed to catch the end of the band concert at the Archy building, and then met up with my parents for a little while before the game.

We met up with Katie and Scott outside the gate of the stadium, and went up with them to the student section. Mike was there, and we were later joined by Arun and Pete. It was good to see the everyone again and be generally obnoxious. After the halftime show, Tracy and I moved to section 106 (GA's, baby -- you get to sit down!) where we had some friends with extra tickets.

Wow -- I had forgotten how having higher seats really makes a difference in how much of the game you can see. In the student section, you're still low enough that you are within the profiles of the players, and you can miss stuff. When you're up high, you can see much more of each player, although you may miss some of the finer details. However, I'd choose to be higher up any way -- the view was great.

After the game (we won -- it wasn't tremendously pretty, but we did look allright, and Lovecchio (sp?) got a few snaps when Holliday got a little shaken up on a play), we went to the M's tailgater and saw my aunt and uncle and extended family. Much fun, beer, and white castle burgers. Mmmm...

We then went back to Jean-n-Russ's tailgater and saw Janna and Jill. Rock on. We went to dinner with Janna; after seeing a 100 minute wait at Outback, we found a 30 minute wait at Chilies (sp) and ended up eating there. Yum!

After such a full day, Tracy and I were exhausted, so Janna drove us back to Dog's place and we crashed, watching the NYC concert on TV.

Sunday, we met up with my parents for the 10am Basilica mass. And it's a darn small world -- the McCandlesses sat in front of us! It was Paul and John and their sons. We chatted briefly after mass; it was nice to see them again. We had to hustle, though, to get to our reservations at Tippecanoe for brunch (becoming a tradition with my 'rents).

After that, we stopped at the ND bookstore and then continued on home to Louisville. I dozed in the car a little, and then Tracy and I both slept hard when we got home.

Whew! What we weekend.

I like KDE 2.1.1's feature of listing "Halt" under "logout options" so that you don't have to separately logout and then shutdown the machine. Very handy.

Yes, Windoze did do some things right, and this is one of them. It's about time KDE stole this idea! :-)

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