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The patient is suffering from an acute case of arrogance!

Status of preparations for deployment:

  • Things to do before I go: 6,424,324
  • Number of them done: 37
  • Number left to go: 6,424,287

I've received a lot of responses to the various e-mails that I have sent out about my pending deployment. The vast majority of them have been along the lines of, "We're sorry that it was you who was selected, but we're also glad to know that competent people are being selected to go." I take that as a pretty nice compliment -- thanks, everyone!

Additionally, just about everyone is offering to help in any way that they can. Tracy and I deeply appreciate all the offers to help; and we'll even take a few of you up on your offers. :-)

It was also nice to see that a whole bunch of people actually came and downloaded the Red Skelton audio file from jeff.squyres.com.
Perk had an "anti-protest" protest yesterday and made a huge banner saying:


and had it up in Santa Barbara, CA. You need to check out . He also posted a great picture of the banner. Kudos to you, Perk! And Kudos again!

Best reaction so far to the news of my activation:

"Well ain't that a kick in da pants!"

All in all, preparations are actually going fairly well. Lots of paperwork has been signed, decisions have been made, etc. As I said earlier, my new commander is an ND grad and seems reasonable enough.

I'll definitely be driving out to Ft. Huachuca (pronounced: Wa-choo-ka, or "Ft. Sneezy"). By Mapquest, it's 1800 miles from Looieville. Mom has offered to drive with me, but since the army won't pay for me to ship anything to AZ, I can literally only take what will fit in my car. So I don't know if mom will fit!

Speaking of cars, I took mine in for a tuneup before I drove all that distance. It's a good car -- a '93 Honda Civic, and it has served me well for years. It was slightly overdue for its 120,000 mile service, anyway.


All in all, I had $800+ worth of service needed -- new brake pads and new boots... all this on top of the normal 120,000 mile service. Plus, my alternator is "making noises". They didn't have a new one, though, and it would have taken several days to order and receive one, so I postponed that for later. But that'll be another $400. Ouch!

Because of this, though, I might end up taking Tracy's car instead. We both have Honda Civics, but hers is 3-4 years newer than mine. That is, I didn't want to get down to Ft. Sneezy and have to find a reliable mechanic right away because my alternator is shot. Or, even worse, have it die on the trip down. Uck.

I bought Quicken 2002 today in the hopes that it would have some kind of feature that would enable Tracy and I to manage our combined finances from two different locations.

No such luck, it appears. :-(

But I did find a cool new feature (might have been in the old version that I had -- Quicken 99) that allows me to auto-download my transactions from my bank. Cool! Up until this point, I have been manually downloading an "import" file to the local hard drive and then manually running File->Import to bring those transactions into Quicken. Now I just click on one button and Quicken goes and gets them from my bank.

I think my bank didn't always have this service (the one-click update thingy) -- I think they only used to have the manual download/import, and I somehow missed the announcement that they now support the auto-download/import.

Either way, I'm a happy camper. But I did wish that there was some kind of CVS-Quicken hybrid; that would make my life a whole lot easier for the next year.

I discovered today that my Linksys 8 port switch has 2 bad ports. After discovering this, I realized that I've now thrown away two perfectly good Ethernet cables because I thought they were bad.

Doh. :-(

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