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The price is wrong, bitch!


It seems that I've been giving the fix-your-printer URL as http://www.fixyourprinter.com/, and I've been wondering why it's always down. It's actually http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/, and it is alive and well.

Anyway, for $25, they sold me a part which has effectively eliminated the need to buy a new laser printer. Quite a cost savings!

If you've got printer problems, go check out their site. The only thingy that I can personally vouch for is the sheet feed fixer thingy for the HP Personal LaserJet 1100 -- it seems to work great!

Taught Lummy's OS class yesterday (well, half of it -- the TA did the first half, and I did the second half). It seemed to go over pretty well, and the students seemed to actually understand what I was talking about (virtual memory stuff); lots of good questions and discussion.

Got an e-mail from Dr. Sauer of the EE dept from ND yesterday, of all things, about MPI! It seems that he's got some seniors doing some work on a project that they want to use MPI for, and he was asking about some good pointers for starting out with MPI.

I pointed him out to the LAM site and to the excellent NCSA MPI tutorial.

AIX is really giving us problems with LAM. Problems are not always repeatable. Ugh!

There may be some problems, or it may all be due to AIX suckage. After two days, I still can't tell. <sigh>

Excite has removed its ZDNet news category. Arrggh!! I have 4 sections of news on my home page: top stories, tech news, ZDNet news, and "oddly enough" news. The ZDNet stories were frequently better than the tech news stories.

This sucks.

OTOH, I just discovered that Excite offers RSS feeds for Slashdot and Freshmeat. Who knew? So now on my Excite home page, I see the most recent titles for both /. and fm. It just seems odd somehow...

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On my computer it says ‘the carrier has stalled” and the printer doesn t want to print out pages for some reason, the ink is at 30% and that shouldn t be the issue. Do you know the answer to this question? Debbie

Sorry, can’t help you. You should contact technical support for your computer and/or printer.

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