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They had to call in his manager from Memphis... I don't want to talk about it!

I upgraded to Mandrake 8.1 today.

That was the smoothest linux install that I've ever encountered. Wow!

It identified everything correctly -- got my video (1400x1050), sound, ethernet... everything.

I kept my notes from my last install and I'm still doing some extra configuring of my setup, but I'm amazed at what the installer did for me already. Finally -- Linux installers are getting mature!

The shock will probably wear off sometime soon and I'll find the real shortcomings of 8.1 soon, but I'm impressed with the start that it's gotten so far. And KDE 2.2.1 has some nice new features.

One thing that really bothered me from my installation of 8.0 was that I hadn't selected to "install everything". I kept having to go back to the CD's and install some RPMs that were not initially installed. I cursed myself for not having selected "install everything" during the install.

Well, I found out why I didn't -- that option doesn't seem to exist anymore. For example, Mandrake didn't install pine, which I thought was weird. In all fairness, that could well be due to my eclectic selection of packages during install (which was one of the few things that could still be a little better during the install, even though it has improved since the 8.0 installer). <shrug>

Which turned out to be ok -- the 8.1 RPM was pine 4.33, and I want 4.40. 4.40 must not have been released before the cutoff. So I built 4.40 from source and everything is fine.

I also selected to use ext3 instead of reiserfs. Initial experience is that it might be a little slower than reisserfs. No hard data yet, and indeed, no real testing -- just a gut feeling (took forever to copy all the RPMs from the installation CDs to my hard drive).

The tech-geek M-clone guy on ABC's new show Alias is really, really funny.

I really hate AIX.

It has been causing no end of problems with LAM in trying to release LAM 6.5.5.

Yesterday, we were seeing random lockups in the test suite. The problem seems to be in the lamd; after many, many hours of chasing this down, it may be a latent bug that has been there for quite a long time. It seems that AIX's select() may be detecting situations that no other OS is detecting.

Our use of select() in the lamd is used to test a set of read fd's and exception fd's. Some fd's may be in both sets. For whatever reason, the lamd code assumed that select() would never indicate that a fd would have both read and exception status true in a single pass through the control loop. The logic is a bit squirrelly, and I haven't figured it out yet, but it seems that this hasn't happened before (barring failures of course -- this is normal operation of LAM) on other OS's.

So I'm still trying to figure out the exact problem (it got too late for me to think clearly last night), but it has something to do with this.

Ok, so this technically isn't AIX's fault at all because it's perfectly legal for select() to return multiple statuses on the same fd (yes Rich, I know!). But it's easier to blame AIX. After all, it has worked reliably for years on other operating systems!!


Heading up to Bloomies today to teach Andy's OpSys class (note to self: tell the students that AIX sucks) because he's at Oopsala.

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