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You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?

I got a speeding ticket on the way to Bloomies today.

This is my first-ever speeding ticket.


There's about a 7 mile line construction zone right at the Indiana border that I have to drive through. The speed limit is 45mph. I always slow down to about 50-55 through that zone. Always.

Except today. And I have no idea why I decided to go fast. Arrggh!! I was doing 70 and saw the cop right at the instant when it was too late. He pulled out as I passed and pulled me over.


From the FAQ that came with my ticket (!), doing 1-15mph over the speed limit is $90, while 16-25mph over the speed limit is only $100.

So I suppose that at least I got a good value for my money.

Jaakko has arrived here at IU -- a new addition to the OSL. His wife and family will follow in a little while (they're still in Finland).

Welcome, Jaakko!

I got the new emacs 21.0 RPMs from the Mandrake Cooker distribution and put them in on my laptop. The only real feature that I want is the syntax hilighting in terminal mode -- yum! (i.e., when you're not in graphics window mode)

Something that I have to admit that vim has had for quite a long time. :-)

Brian also pointed me to a php mode for emacs. I had problems with the most recent version (and dutifully posted a bug report about it), but one version back seems to work just fine.

Yay! I've been wanting a php mode for a long time.

Pete pointed me to a place on Yahoo! where to set the refresh rate on my.yahoo.com so that the page reloads periodically. I have no idea how I missed that before.

KFC and Taco Bell have started putting their straws in plastic individual wraps. They're harder to open than their paper counterparts. I don't like them.

KFC has also stopped making popcorn chicken! Woe is me!

Apparently it was only supplied during their recent popcorn chicken promotion. Now KFC has moved on to BBQ wings. While I'm all for BBQ wings, I can't easily eat those while I'm driving -- popcorn chicken was excellent in this regard.

What a loss to us all. <sigh>

I'd like to formally say that the Solaris inetd sucks.

It apparently has a fixed limit on the number of characters per line in inetd.conf that it allows. This caused a bunch of grief when Dog added another CVSROOT to the CVS pserver line in inetd.conf on cvs.lsc.nd.edu -- he exceeded whatever Solaris' limit is, and it broke the whole CVS pserver.

It took a while to figure this out, of course.

It turns out that removing the --allow-root that he had just added made it all work. Hence, there's a max line length. Dog ended up putting the whole thing in a script and having inetd call that script rather than putting the entire command in inetd.conf directly.

...actually, I just read the inetd.conf man page (I was in the car, talking to Dog on my cell phone, trying to help him figure this out, so this is literally my first opportunity to RTFM) and it says, "No more than five arguments are allowed in this field [the server-arguments field]." What possible reason could there be for that?

Stupid lazy Solaris programmers!!

I just noticed that the default ispell dictionary that comes with Mandrake 8.1 doesn't have "RTFM" in it. How can that be?

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