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It's a building with patients and doctors. But that's not important right now.

(Note: This is still an old entry -- I'm still playing catchup on old journal entries)

So I'm here at Ft. Huachuca.

I'm in the Communications Electronics Command (CECOM), Software Engineering Center (SEC), Battlespace Systems Support Directorate (BSSD), Intelligence Fusion Systems (IFS). Quite a mouthful.

"Hi, I'm 1LT Jeff Squyres. I work for CECOM, SEC, BSSD, IFS. Can I establish a PIN to access the DNS admin via VPN in order to change the A and MX records for the IFS, FSSS, and TAS WWW servers? Can I get fries with that?"

One of our sister organizations in SEC -- Information Systems Engineering Command (ISEC) -- is also here with us at Ft. Huachuca. They happen to be in a different part of the same building that we're in -- Greely Hall. Greely Hall is the home of Army Signal Command -- the top-level headquarters for everything Signal in the Army.

Since I'm a Signal officer, I'm actually around a lot of "my own family" types of officers. Quite a different environment than the apache battalion where I used to be, where all the other officers were Aviation, not Signal.

There are two major tenants of Ft. Huachuca: the Military Intelligence School and the Army Signal Command (ASC). So we're relative nobodys here at Ft. H, and we tend to tag along with ASC stuff a lot. :-)

I've noticed that IFS is really well stocked for secretarial supplies. It's got to be the best-stocked office I've ever worked in (supplies-wise). Any kind of administrative item you could want -- they've got it. With the sole exception of white board erasers -- I really had to scrounge to get one of those.

I've got a nice desk (U-shaped, of course) with a bookcase, tall locking cabinet and extra shelves, and overhead cabinets for extra stuff. Not a bad setup. My desk is in a common area with the secretary for our branch within IFS (there's 3 branches -- I'm in the Tactical Automation Support (TAS) branch). They came and measured for cubicle walls the other day; that'll be nice when they arrive.

The people here are pretty nice. There's only one other military guy in the unit -- all the rest are civilians. It's somewhat strange (and also completely different than anything else that I've done in the Army so far). Even though they're all civilians, they do have rank. And aside from the secretaries, I'm the lowest ranking guy around here (literally!). I find it somewhat amusing, actually.

Speaking of which, I'm actually up in front of a Captain promotion board right now. I got a notice about this a few months ago, but disregarded with with the thought of "who cares? I'm getting out in May anyway" (May 2002 is when my 8 year commitment from ROTC is finished). Well, I guess it's somewhat important now. :-) The results from this promotion board won't be out for 5-6 months. I'll laugh pretty hard if I make CPT.

I'm slowly learning what IFS does and what I am supposed to do within that organization. The quick version is: support and continue to develop military intelligence software. It's amazing stuff, actually, and there's a lot of smart people working on it.

I have a w2k box on my desk. Blech. I hate windoze. No virtual desktops! How do people work like this? On the up side, I really do like Outlook's calendar/scheduling stuff. It talks to my Palm Pilot, and that makes me happy...

Ft. Huachuca is directly next to the town of Sierra Vista, AZ. It's a small town of about 40,000 people. It's so small that there are no Bennigan's-class restaurants here. There's a Chiljis (sp?) being built, and everyone is very excited. This makes no sense to me -- since we're about 15 miles from the Mexico border, there are plenty of great mom-and-pop Tex-Mex restaurants around. So why would you be excited by cheap, bad Tex-Mex chain food?

Verizon doesn't have digital service here. Bonk.

The time zone here is just like in (most of) Indiana -- we don't change time. Half the year (like now), we're effectively on Mountain time. The other half of the year, we're effectively on Pacific time. How do I manage to keep finding places like this, and then going to live there?

I have an apartment -- a studio apartment at first; a one-bedroom place is opening up on the 26th. It's fully furnished, has maid service, telephone, cable, two phone lines (for modem use), a kitchenette (stove, oven, full-sized fridge, dual sink, garbage disposal, etc.), linens and towels included, and so on. They charge the max allowable army rate per day, which works out nicely for me -- I get fully reimbursed, and pay no utilities, etc. I just have a somewhat-nice apartment and don't pay a dime for it (not that I've been reimbursed yet -- it's a nice theory, at any rate!).

That's all for now. More later, when I can actually get to a unix box to submit this...

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Ron Pelton:

You still out there?

I was searching for SEC IFS and ran across this page.. :)

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