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No, the *white* courtesey phone

Happy Halloween!

Jim and I are bachelors this week, so he invited me over on Halloween for some pizza, beer, and movies. He had never seen Fight Club before, so I unhooked my DVD player and brought it over.

I got mobbed by trick-or-treaters as I was trying to leave my house (from about 6-6:30), so I was a little delayed in leaving, but some of the costumes were pretty cool. I actually felt a little bad leaving because I'm sure more kids came to my house after I left. Oh well!

The moon was full and the weather was perfect -- I had forgotten how much I love Halloween. I just wish that I had had time to do something creative this year. Ah well; perhaps next year.

Jim was duly impressed with Fight Club.

Got a mail this morning from someone using OOMPI and Blitz. Who woulda thunk that these two projects would eventually end up in the same lab?

Zipped down to Ft. Knox this afternoon to get some uniform parts. We live closer to Ft. Knox now, so it only took about 45 minutes to get there. Had a full-car search/inspection just to get on the base. Plus, I forgot how long it takes to get anywhere on base -- speed limits are low (mostly 25mph with a few 35mph zones) and strictly enforced. Woof!

Even worse, Clothing Sales had moved from where it used to be. I drove up to the old location and found an empty lot. Doh! It took me quite a while to find the new location.

I mowed my lawn today, possibly for the last time in over a year.


And now I head out to drive to Ft. Huachuca.

It was a long drive. 3 days of 10-12 hours worth of driving. Most of it in analog cell phone country. <sigh>

I could never be a truck driver.

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