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It's a building with generals and soldiers. But that's not important right now.

I actually met someone here (in ASC, actually) who has used MPI.

He's another reservist, like me -- I think he was a Major, but he might have been a Lieutenant Colonel. He did his Master's thesis in AI using MPI to simulate his system (mostly MPMD stuff, actually) . He used mainly HP MPI because he was working on big HP iron. I pimped LAM to him, of course.

He teaches computer science at... err... I can't remember what school, offhand... It was a good conversation, though.

Notre Dame won their last football game this season against Purdue. I didn't get to see the game because ABC chose to show the Oregon/Oregon State game here instead. Bonk. It's somewhat ironic that we beat them, but they're bowl-eligible and we're not. Ah well.

Notre Dame formally fired Bob Davie today. As with many people I know, I feel bad for Bob Davie -- all indications are that he's a fairly nice guy. But he hasn't produced as a football coach, so he's gotta go.

Good luck, Bob. Now hopefully Notre Dame will get to have a good football team again... :-)

I enabled my "extended absence greeting" on my cell phone so that people stop leaving me voice mails there. Since I'm in analog country 95% of the time down here, I don't get asynchronous notifications when I receive voice mail. Hence, I have to actually call and check if I've got voice mail. Blech.

I've already got voice mail at 2 other locations (work and home); I don't want to have to check yet another place for messages.

"Extended absence greeting" is a nifty feature from Verizon that does exactly what I want it to do. I put a message on there something like, "I don't check this voice mail often. If you want to leave me a message, send a voice mail to one of my other systems, or send me an e-mail."

Now, if you call my cell phone, it plays that message and then Verizon says, "Press <something> to disconnect, or, if you want to leave a message anyway..."

Quite handy.

Tracy's cousin Aaron got married in Indiana this weekend; Tracy's whole family was there. I was supposed to be there as well, but, er, well... I was a bit detained here in Arizona. :-)

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