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It's a damn good thing he doesn't know how much I hate his guts. ((pause) It's a damn good thing you don't know how much he

Back in Sierra Vista.

I spent the last week in Ft. Myers, FL, with Tracy and the in-laws. It was nice to get out of AZ and be with family for the holidays.

Highlights of the week:

  • Got to hang out w/ Tracy's brother Mark and his wife Amy
  • Saw Harry Potter again, along with A Beautiful Mind (more below on that)
  • Ate too much food
  • Slept in just about every day
  • Enjoyed some warm weather
  • Actually got some presents (various Squyres members actually sent me presents to Florida)

It was a good trip; the flights there weren't too much trouble but I was pretty peeved when I was bumped from the final leg of my trip to initially get to Ft. Myers. I mean, really -- I'm doing my part by still flying (indeed, I truly believe that it's safer than ever to fly today!), and the airlines are still pulling crap like over selling flights. Grr...

Luckily, someone volunteered to give up their seat and I made it down to Ft. Myers at the expected time.

Tracy and I spent some time while down there writing our annual Christmas letter (got some positive feedback on it already :-) as well as hashing our a bunch of financial gorp that we didn't have time to work on before I left and while she was here at Thanksgiving. Good stuff, actually, even though it's complicated. I have to admit getting much more interested in the financial aspects of things since I got married last year (no, I am not becoming mature! I will continue to staunchly deny this!).

Neither Tracy nor I had time to finish our Christmas shopping before we left for FL; we barely managed to get immediate family members. If you didn't get one from us, it's coming -- trust us!

Additionally, I accidentally got my brother in law a computer game (Age of Empires III) that is extremely similar to the one that my sister bought him (Conquest Earth or something like that). Oops. :-( I got both my Squyres-side brother in laws AOE III so that they could play each other over the internet.

I finally figured out why I couldn't get Windows/VMWare to talk to the internet. Turns out that I was just being "too smart", and assuming that the networking was trying to be dumb. Nope -- the networking is actually pretty smart, so I just needed to let it do what it wanted, and it now works like a charm.

I'm running all the anti-virus, Windoze, and Office updates that haven't been run since I got here to Ft. H.

This means that I can now also run the Quicken updates and run MSN messenger from my laptop (which is quite handy).

I also finally installed PGP on Windoze/VMWare and copied my relevant keys over there to facilitate sharing files securely.

I actually got a pretty low volume of mail while I was away, which is a Good Thing -- only about 250 or so. The OSCAR group tried to get together for a teleconf on Friday, but it didn't happen. Oops.

They're all meeting in California in a week or two anyway (Brian will be there in my place), so it isn't a total loss.

I finally CVS checked-in a new version of the wrapper compilers for LAM/MPI. They're vastly simpler than the current incarnations (hcc, hcp, and hf77). The new ones use C++'s (std::string) instead of (char*), and all share a common back-end engine to do all the string processing, etc. -- their respective main()'s are all very short.

Now that it's checked in, I can do testing on platforms other than Linux, and eventually replace the current versions with this new stuff.

I've been reading the Dune series of books for the past month or two; with all the flight time this past week, I'm getting close to finishing the last book (Chapterhouse: Dune). When I drove back to Sierra Vista last night, I rented the 2-tape SciFi channel video of Dune. It was pretty good, but diverged some minor event sequences from the original book. That is, the overall story is the same (e.g., events A, B, and C), but some of the ways that the story when from A to B to C were a bit different.

I've hear rumors (from /.?) that there's another SciFi Dune movie in the works that covers the next two books. That should be cool.

Good ol' George has declared tomorrow (Dec 31) a federal holiday, so I actually don't have to go back to work until Wednesday (Jan 2).

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