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Sister, you're wanted on the phone

I caught a matinee of Lord of the Rings today.

I got there only a few minutes before the movie began; there were only 9 seats left in the theater (according to the ticket computer). The poor ticket woman at the theater in this small town looked frazzled; she said, "I've never seen anything like this!"

It was quite an enjoyable movie -- I recommend seeing it in the theater. It's very long (3 hours), but I didn't look at my watch once. Great special effects, some fantastic fight scenes, and good background information for those who haven't read the books make the movie worth seeing.

Interestingly enough, the movie presents some information in a different order than is given in the book. That is, some information that is given only towards the end (as flashbacks and story re-telling) of the book is given in chronological order in the movie. Makes the overall story make a bit more sense, actually, and is kinda necessary if you haven't read the book.

Overall, I give it 30 minutes. I might even go see it again.

While I was watching LOTR, Tracy went out and bought a new car.

Recall that I was originally going to bring my own car down here to Ft. H. However, upon taking my car in for a checkup before driving all the way out here to Arizona, we discovered a whole bunch of problems with it. Doh!

So I took Tracy's car down here, and we decided that Tracy would buy a new car. So after months of homework and research, Tracy went out and bought an Acura 3.5 TL today.

Woo hoo! It's a 4-door sedan-type vehicle; silver with a black interior. Pictures will likely be forthcoming soon.

Tracy is very excited about it. :-)

We decided to donate my old car to a local charity (just 'cause we're such nice people) and take the tax benefit. I think my car must have known this, because while it was sitting in the Acura parking lot and Tracy was signing the paperwork to buy her new car, it got a flat tire.

What timing!

Since Tracy had literally just bought a new car, the Acura people were quite friendly in helping change the tire, etc. So my old car made it to the charity place -- albeit slightly limping on its spare tire. :-)

It seems like there is no caching of DNS lookups on my laptop. For example, doing "ssh somewhere.com" twice in a row will result in a lengthy wait each time while resolving the name. It's even more obvious with something like ncftp where it tells you "Resolving something.com..."

This doesn't seem normal. Grumble.

The Army gateway to Yahoo! IM really sucks. It crashes, hangs up, and is generally a version or two behind the Yahoo! protocols. So Tracy and I switched to MSN this week. Ugh. It pains me to do it, but a) it works from my Army desktop (something that I'm sure will not work anymore when we finally get the firewall installed), and b) is much more reliable and durable.

Oh well.

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