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I guess I picked the wrong week to quit drinking...

A friend of mine assisted carrying the Olympic torch the other day in Racine, WI.

Rock on, MAJ Roger N!

I saw the movie The Dish this past weekend. A fun movie about a remote satellite dish in Australia that has assisted in many NASA missions -- including the first trip to the moon.

It's got great engineering and British/Australian humor. Some great classic lines -- I'll be using some of them for titles of future ThunderJournal entries.

I give it 15 minutes.

I also rented The Score this past weekend with Ed Norton, Brando, and DeNero. Good flick, but somewhat weak ending (I called it long beforehand). It wasn't that it was predictable in the end, it was that I expected more of a followup to the predictable end.

But it was still good, so I give it 7.5 minutes.

I forgot how painful it is to access the internet on a dialup modem. Even though I routinely get 50kbps and have a second line in my apartment specifically for modem use, the bandwidth and latency is just horrible.

I'm so spoiled...


There's a new version of pine out to fix a minor security issue. They haven't been having a good track record lately...

But I still love pine.

Today was the second day of my security class ("Dity VAP", actually -- "Do It Yourself Vulnerability Assessment Program"). It was somewhat interesting -- specific instructions on the ISS scanner. It's a nice program, but it does have a bug or two.

Ah well; software sucks. :-)

I saw another fantastic sunset today -- the sun was setting behind the mountains again, and it reflected off a wall of clouds making it look like there was an enormous fire behind the mountain. Even more spectacular, the sunlight reflecting off those clouds bounced off the clouds on the east horizon -- so it was a kinda double sunset. Cool.

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