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Jim _never_ has a second cup of coffee at home...

I had a really long journal entry that has been accruing over 2 weeks.

Somehow it's been lost -- the file has disappeared from where I thought I had it. :-(


Out of frustration, this entry will hit some of the high points since my last entry and probably not have much detail. :-)

Tracy was here 1.5 weeks ago for the long weekend. It was a great visit. But too short, of course. :-( We combined doing a bunch of nothing with some sight seeing, going out to dinner, doing some logistical stuff, and seeing some funny melodrama theater in Tucson.

I've rented a few movies lately -- most of which I can't remember offhand. The most recent of which, however, was American Pie 2. Quite amusing. I give it 15 minutes.

In making some slides for LAM the other day, I discovered that one cannot [easily] use four differently colored rectangle objects to make a mobieus strip in Powerpoint (i.e, arrange them in a square with one end overlapping the end of the next rectangle in the clockwise direction). Doh!

Come to think of it, you can't do it just about any modern paint program that uses integer layers for representing depth. You can do it with more than four rectangles, of course (putting them adjacent to each other, making them look like four rectangles), but that's not the point.

Someone rebooted milliways into dual processor mode on Friday and it was causing mailman to go into fits (python doesn't seem to work on smp RedHat).

Doh! :-(

I've switched most of my IM messaging to the gaim client. It speaks all kinds of IM protocols, including Yahoo! and MSN -- it's handy to have both of those in a Linux environment.

Two features notably missing in gaim, however, is the ability to transfer files via IM and the ability to conference multiple users (Y! allows that). Hopefully, gaim will someday support that.

I've also recently switched to xchat instead of BitchX as an IRC client. I've never been an big IRC user, but I've used it periodically in the past, and have been using it more since I've gotten down here to Arizona, particularly to communicate with the other OSCAR developers.

Did I mention that I'm now the chair of the OSCAR Working Group of the Open Cluster Group? It's mainly an admistrative position, but it's cool nonetheless. I was elected at the OCG annual meeting in California -- and I wasn't even there. :-)

BitchX is well known for being an extremely scriptable and configurable IRC client, but I've never taken the time to learn (http://www.bitchx.org/ has very, very little documentation). The IBM OSCAR guys have shown me the goodness of xchat because it's all pointy-n-clicky and does much of what you would want your IRC client to do.

Also acting on the IBM OSCAR guys' advice, I registered the nick jsquyres on irc.openprojects.net. Not that there's oodles of people out there with a last name of "Squyres" and a first name that begins with "J", but what the heck, eh?

It's supposed to snow heavily here starting after midnight tonight
-- between 8 and 12 inches. We'll see if that really happens. :-)

We do get snow here in Sierra Vista (mainly because we're at such a high elevation), but it typically melts by mid-morning. So if we really do get more than a trivial amount of snow, that might cause a bit of a stir here.

My sisters and I went in together to get my dad a Iomega Peerless 10GB drive for Christmas that came with a $60 rebate. I just noticed that the rebate has to be received at Iomega by 31 January -- Doh! I'll have to overnight it tomorrow to get there in time. :-(

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