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Bloody fantastic! Here's to Parks!

I introduced Tim to The Big Hit this past Saturday night.

He was duly impressed. As are all right-thinking people who see that movie.

Tracy found another note today that I left for her hidden in our house before I left last November. This one was between the sheets in the bed in the guest bedroom.

I'm good. :-)

I was running short of time today and actually stopped at Burger King for lunch (first time I've eaten at BK in months, I'm proud to say!). The receipt was so amazing that I had to keep it. The back of it states -- verbatim (not correcting any of their errors):

Refund policy statement:

Save your receipt!

Adjustments made within 14 days for computers and unopened software/peripherals.

Adjustments made within 30 days for watches, jewelry, electronics, unopened prerecorded music, videos, video games, and DVD.

Adjustments made within 90 days for all other items.

So if I have a problem with the burger or any of the fries that I had today, I apparently have 89 more days to return them.

I saw the movie Evolution with David Duchovney and Stiffler from American Pie. It was actually fairly amusing. As long as you expect nothing from the movie, it is pretty darn funny. I give it 10 minutes.

I'm surprised/shocked to find that call waiting works on my cell phone in this analog area. Cool!

OTOH, it's quite annoying that it takes anywhere from 5 to 15 tries (usually closer to 15) to make an outgoing call. The unsuccessful tries yield an annoying fast busy signal instead of connecting. Bonk. :-(

On a side note, it seems that Verizon doesn't offer my cell phone plan anymore (National OneRate). They have a "National" plan, but there's lots of roaming areas. Seems like a pretty weak "national" plan to me! Yay for me for grandfathering that -- yay for me who still has the true National OneRate plan!

Amazingly enough, I saw a van styled up to be a true Mystery Machine today. It was awesome. What was amazing about it was that it was in the parking lot of Greely Hall -- so it belonged to some government employee who was working in Greely Hall.

That rocks!

Who said government employees have no sense of humor?

Tomorrow is the office pot luck lunch for all the birthdays in February. I made Hockey Pucks to take in. Unfortunately, I only had enough Crisco for a single batch -- 9 cookies. I've also found that Crisco doesn't seem to keep well -- even in the 'fridge. It seems to dry out.


Why doesn't some clever engineer invent more robust Crisco?

For those of you who have never had my Hockey Puck chocolate chip cookies, let me just say: they're fucking good. Too bad you'll miss them tomorrow.


I made an appointment today to get new glasses. My current glasses are getting a little dated and things are a little fuzzy. I might as well take advantage of the free medical coverage while I've got it!

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