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I think we ate an entire sheep

Surely the apocalypse is upon us.

I saw an ad today on CNN for studio tours.

"Do you ever wonder what she (the CNN anchor) is looking at? Do you ever wonder what goes on back here (behind the anchors, where all the worker bees continually move pieces of paper around)? And where does that weather map come from?"

"Be sure to stop in the Turner Store on your way out!"

We are doomed.

I finally got around to getting real Ft. Huachuca stickers for my car rather than the paper temporary permit that I've had for the past few months.

I've been eyeing various people who wear the black jungle boots lately. My boots are actually the ones that I was issued way back in freshman year. They're really comfortable, have a good base shine, etc., but they're starting to crack and get pretty worn. I'm thinking that they might not last too much longer, especially since I wear them most every day.

MAJ F. loves his jungle boots. The difference between my boots and jungle boots is that my boots are 100% leather. Jungle boots have cloth sides and are designed to drain water, so when you're in the jungle, you don't have water sloshing around in your boots.

So while I was out running around the other day, I stopped at Clothing Sales and checked out how much they cost. I was surprised that they were only about $70! I was expecting them to be about twice that.

I might well go pick up a pair today...

And while I'm on active duty, I might as well take advantage of all this free health care stuff. So I had my eyes checked the other day. My vision actually hasn't changed very much at all since my last appointment (approximately 3 years ago). But I got a new pair of glasses anyway. There wasn't a huge selection of frames, but I found a pair that should be good enough.

The doctor did the eye drops thingy, too. I couldn't see for a damn for the next several hours. :-)

But apparently my eyes are doing well (i.e., they're barely worse than they were 3 years ago), so that's good.

Here's a humorous IRC conversation with Brian:

 <brian_b> new apartment will be supa-swank. <brian_b> and have a gold couch. <brian_b> So, funny thing I realized when signing the lease - I technically do not have an employer right now... <brian_b> IU doesn't employ me and Krell makes it a point we aren't employees of Krell. <brian_b> So, I'm unemployed with a steady income.  God bless this country. 

The days are definitely getting longer here -- when I leave PT in the morning (0645-0700), it's getting lighter and lighter. No sunrise yet, but definitely well into BMNT.

I finally got cubicle walls around my desk at work (actually, it was about 1-2 weeks ago now). They're huge! They're about 5'8 or so, so you can just barely see over them.

It's like my desk is a fortress -- perhaps a scaled down version of Ft. Awesome.

I have a Les Nessman door, too.

More amusing conversations -- this time with Johnney via IM:

 (07:30:56) Johnney S: btw, Giraffes have no vocal chords 
(07:31:12) Johnney S: ...according to my snapple cap!
(07:31:26) Jeff S: good to know
(07:31:36) Jeff S: how do they tell jokes, i wonder?
(07:31:53) Johnney S: in case you ever have a pet giraffe and need it to call for help
(07:31:53) Jeff S: maybe they use hoof beats in binary
(07:32:22) Jeff S: but do they use ASCII or EBCIDIC?
(07:32:26) Johnney S: maybe they do have vocal chords, but they're just really, really long!!!
(07:32:52) Jeff S: maybe there's multiple, warring factions -- the age old Giraffe War, fighting over whether to use ASCII or EBCIDIC
(07:33:08) Johnney S: could be.
(07:33:24) Jeff S: true, true
(07:33:25) Johnney S: I think the ASCII giraffes have much more style
(07:33:34) Johnney S: plus, they wear the red hats!!!
(07:33:36) Jeff S: but they can't count over 127

One final IM conversation, also with Johnney (for those of you not up on IM-speak, "brb" = "be right back"):

 (08:04:52) Jeff S: must go throw some clothes in the laundry... brb 
(08:05:07) Johnney S: poor bastards never had a chance
(08:05:21) Johnney S: convicted without a fair trial
(08:05:51) Johnney S: sentenced to drown in a sea of foaming detergent
(08:06:20) Johnney S: all because they had the decency to keep you from being naked!!!
(08:07:03) Johnney S: oh, the humanity!!! (apparel-ity?)
(08:07:38) Johnney S: at least they will not be sent to their fate alone. They will drown amongs't their compatriots
(08:08:12) Johnney S: plus, they believe in reincarnation.
(08:08:48) Johnney S: They were washed, folded and put away. After three days they rose again to cover his nakedness.
(08:09:05) Johnney S: ... from the book of shirts 3:16

I have really weird friends.

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