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Jim _never_ vomits at home...

Trying to get MS Exchange to do IMAP/SSL properly was really, really painful.


Brian sent me an application a few weeks ago called switcher for making Linux switch between different network configurations. Today, when I found myself painfully switching network parameters when moving my laptop between the three legs of our firewall, I remembered this program.

It rocks!

With a simple, single command, I can switch all my network parameters. It saves much time, and is therefore a Good Thing. If I knew the URL where it came from, I'd cite it here, 'cause if you're in an environment where DHCP is not the norm, this application is fabulous.

I forgot about the Goodness of using pine's threading feature. It's not the greatest threader, but it does wonders when you only see your civilian e-mail once a day and there has been craploads of mail on the OSCAR mailing lists, with several parallel discussions happening at the same time.

OSCAR 1.2b8 has escaped tonight as well. We're really, really close to 1.2 stable. Hopefully 1.2b8 will be the last beta.

Trying to get MS Exchange to do LDAP/SSL properly was also really, really painful.

I don't know if it's a formal part of the LDAP standard, but apparently if the name on the certificate from the LDAP server doesn't match the reverse DNS name lookup, LDAP clients will refuse the connect. I'm not sure why they refuse, because other kinds of clients (http, IMAP, POP, etc.) just give warning messages and then allow the connection to proceed.

Not only do they refuse to make the connection, they give amorphous error messages. I tried this with Outlook, Outlook Express (both of which I assume were using the same LDAP dlls), and some freeware LDAP browser for windoze. None of them said "the name doesn't match, so I'm going to refuse the connection)". No, they just refused to connect.


It took me a long time to figure out that the the only problem was that the name didn't match.

We got a little snow here this week -- much less than predicted (of course), but it did freeze overnight and created slick roads in the morning.

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