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Not only do they take pictures silently, they're supa-swank

Saw Enemy at the Gates, a movie about Russian and German snipers during the struggle for Stalingrad in World War II.

It was more of a love and jealousy story than an action story than I thought it would be. But it was still fairly good, and tells an amazing story. So I give it 5 minutes.

I had to update to the CVS version of gaim because something has changed with the Yahoo! IM client; the released version of gaim started refusing to login to Yahoo! a few days ago. <shrug>

So after a little mucking around (I discovered how many 3rd party RPM's automatically install various m4 support files in /usr/share
-- I manually updated my GNU auto* suite of tools into a non-standard directory (because I couldn't easily find Mandrake RPMs for the updated GNU auto* tools), and it didn't automatically suck in all the 3rd party m4 files from /usr/share), I was able to recompile gaim from its CVS tree.

That fixed whatever problem with the Yahoo! IM client thingy was having -- I am now able to gaim with Y! IM again. <shrug>

In mucking around with my GNU auto* suite, I inadvertently discovered an old CVS commit message of mine on the Vorbis tools message. The last line of it struck me as quite amusing:

revision 1.1 date: 2001/08/23 17:39:55; author: jsquyres; state: Exp; <snipped>
- Added HACKING file to all four projects that gives a brief description on how to build the source from CVS. Mainly: "cvs update. ./autogen.sh. ./configure. make. Oongowa."

Last weekend, I went over to my boss's house for a Super Bowl party which was fun. I made a double batch of my famous Hockey Puck chocolate chip cookies, which were a big success. I bought all the remaining cookies to work the next day (there were a lot left), and they were a big success there as well.

Sierra Vista Rocks with Hockey Pucks.

We have a pot-luck lunch in the office next week for all the February birthdays, so I'll probably make more Hockey Pucks and bring them to that.

Brian, Mike, Sean and I bashed out a bunch of ideas for a OSCAR package API on IRC last night during the opening ceremony for the Winter Olympics in Utah. It's far from complete, but we did make a good deal of progress. It's probably all that we want to do for version 1.3.

I'll be writing it up and putting it on the agenda to discuss at our next OSCAR meeting this upcoming Tuesday.

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