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Computers are down, sir. She's all yours.

I watched Drop Zone on TV tonight -- great flick. Renzo and I used to watch it every time before we went skydiving. Mmmm.... skydiving....

Plus, it stars Yancy Butler -- the lead from the cool TNT series Witchblade.
15 minutes.

I spoke a little too soon about the fire on the mountain being out
-- apparently it's still raging. Several residential areas around Sierra Vista are on a 3 hour evacuation alert. Doh!!

I finally got clearance to release two white papers today about implementing IMAP/SSL, LDAP/SSL, and SMTP/auth using MS Exchange and MS Outlook 2000. I sent it to the Information Security Engineering Command and to the Army CONUS Regional CERT (CONUS = continental US), both of which who have expressed some interest in it. I am still surprised that apparently I have not been able to find any other Army organizations who use IMAP/SSL when it is becoming a defacto standard in industry and educational institutions (heck, it's even a standard at DoE installations!).

We'll see if I can kick some IMAP/SSL awareness into the Army, and have them experience the True Goodness of IMAP/SSL.

The battery on my Dell sucks.

I recently unplugged it recently to work away from a power outlet, and within just a few minutes (I don't know how many, but certainly under 10), I started getting warnings about low battery power.

Doh. :-(

So my dad has finally announced that he's closing his hardware store. He has owned that store for 25 years; he and my mom have finally decided that it's time to retire.

Here's a nice quote from an e-mail from dad:

Our clearance sale is well underway here with the public announcement of our retirement being accomplished via an article on the front page of the Suburban and Wayne Times two weeks ago. It was a nice article about all of our involvements in Wayne and had a color picture of Mom and me standing in front of the store. The public lament that we are leaving has been enormous and makes us feel quite sad and happy at the same time.

I worked in that store for many, many years. I even dimly remember my mom and dad deciding, years and years ago, that they wanted to go into business for themselves and looking around for what kind of business to go into, picking a location for the store, etc. Heck, I even wrote lots of software that is still in use today at that store. That store is where I was first introduced to Xenix, Unix, and C programming.

I learned a lot at that store. It was a significant portion of my childhood (and my sisters', too).

Another life chapter closed.

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