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It's the Cadillac of mini-vans.

I officially moved the Thought for the Day to IU.

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It's coming.

Tad Williams' Otherland (volume 4) / Sea of Silver Light (the book I bought by accident) is pretty good -- it's the last volume in the series. It's pretty big, and I only read it at night before I go to bed, so it's going slowly. Even though I'm only part way through the book, some questions from the other three volumes are being answered, and plot lines are starting to get tied up. Seems like it will be a good conclusion.

That's good, actually, because it makes the story last longer. :-)

I had a deep and meaningful conversation with Johnney and Michelle yesterday (you have to pronounce the words to appreciate their meaning):

 John S: Boo 
Me: boo
John S: AACK!!!
Me: flapoozle
John S: Buzziminglepoo
Me: schlembizzle
Me: flaks-n-plaks
John S: Cleevimougaluplieet!
Me: Lagaplapska
John S: pleh...
Me: undvinten
John S: Wumpooooplifishamoooglaplcgi
Me: schlumpawumpalumper
John S: Gretiplookimabletti - so there!!!
John S: Wumbitz?
Me: quoople
John S: Brazziflass!!
Me: aazen
John S: quomplitz
Michelle M: snork?
John S: Nos planiflit
Me: pampalaakle
John S: Mansiflat bo bliigy
John S: Graffilantz de maa framasert
Me: algenmazzle5threepio
Michelle M: silesta, oregunzit unken floozit
John S: Bon tsreloj beeg troouaaeg bes den en los vvewryptititz
Michelle M: lolzbot Me: zippen de zippen zipper zippee zipoolonga
John S: Nanoo naboo
Michelle M: dedodah
Michelle M: aben eeeeben unken blozen
John S: zippen de zippen zipper zippee zipoolonga zap zee zirpoot zimmonga
Me: klak Me: klak klak
Michelle M: flurbee foistenabourough
Michelle M: avec mon blundlcruntcheoen
Me: rumedelskiporm klak whepple
John S: Defg fiigrtesz
Michelle M: klak
Me: klak klak
John S: klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak klak
John S: Ko klackety klak
Michelle M: klak klak
Me: klak
Michelle M: klak
Me: klak Me: klaak
Michelle M: klark?
John S: R U A klakker?
Me: I klak
Me: You klak
Me: He/she/it klaks
John S: klak-a-congugation
Michelle M: I will have klakked
Michelle M: I have been klakkened
Me: klak
John S: Groop
John S: My froointing turlingdrome
Michelle M: and hoopturiously drangle me
Me: klak
Me: That's so klakky
Michelle M: klakk-a-riffic
Me: I'm a klak, he's a klak, she's a klak... wouldn'tcha like to be a klakker, too?
John S: klak
Michelle M: klak klak
John S: Klak klak bo blak
Me: klak
John S: Bannana nanna bo blak
Michelle M: fi fi fo flakka
Michelle M: klakka John S: Me mi mo mlak
John S: KLAK!!
Me: Good. Me: I'm glad we had this talk.

What, you don't have conversations like this?


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