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No thanks, we gave at the office.

I've been doing a lot of traveling.

Hence, no journal entries.


My parents' hardware store, Wayne True Value, is closing. I mentioned this in a prior thunderjournal entry, but it's approaching faster than ever. There was a nice story about this in the Philadelphia Inquirer yesterday (coincidentally written by someone I graduated with from Notre Dame):


After 25 years, the store will probably close its doors for good in 5 days -- on 17 April, 2002.

Some random notes from the past few weeks:

  • Coke products (sodas) in Greely Hall are up to $0.60. Doh!

  • I left my cell phone charger in Kansas City. Doh! I bought a new one from www.verizon.com and it just arrived the other day.

  • I had good trip to Ft. Hood.

  • I had great trip to Louisville. I apparently was seen puttering around on my lawn, which started neighborhood rumors that I had returned from the Army for good.

  • I had a good trip to Kansas City.

  • Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is world's largest intranet portal. It has 925,000 users and growing. AKO is consolidating all e-mail, directory, and calendaring for the entire army (across the entire planet). Wow -- that's damn impressive!

A poem, from an IM conversation:

hipp-lie dipp-lie doo
said the man as he fell out of the shoe
he laughed and he spinned
and he said with a grin

Because poetry that doesn't rhyme... sucks. It's like... prose

Sneezing is a qunitissential part of being human.

A Haiku that few will understand:

Government computer geeks
25 series


Google is offering an API. How cool is that?


Here's an actual story of a real engineer from my organization. This story is about fixing a system that is out in a tactical unit --
i.e., out in the forest somewhere. "Walking the line" means that he's physically walking down the cable that connects the outpost where this system is to the network / relay station:

One ASAS-Light lost connectivity on the network. Tested he system and found it to be good; the Register Jack (RJ)-45 cable was also operational on a test. Walked the line to discover that a Generator Power Cable was laid across the LAN cable. Created a bridge using wood and mud to separate the two lines. Once that was done, the ASAS-Light was back on the network.

Using sticks and mud to fix a networking problem. Now that's an engineer!

I saw the movie The One with Jet Li; good effects, disappointing movie (obvious plot gaps, more then just the normal suspension-of-disbelief stuff). 2.5 minutes.

I saw the Disney animated movie Atlantis, which was also disappointing because there were several obvious plot gaps. This movie itself was good, but there were obvious questions raised about the story line, and Disney is better than that. 2.5 minutes.

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