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So we can rub this out?

I think I've mentioned this before in previous entries, but there has been furious debate about exactly when my CPT promotion takes effect.

The final word: 1 Sep 2002. No ifs, ands, or buts. 1 Sep it is.

Today's theme: quickies.

  • I rented and saw Spy Game this weekend. Very enjoyable flick about CIA operations (don't really want to say much more for fear of spoiling the plot). Good soundtrack tunes, too. I give it 20 minutes.

  • I also rented and saw K-PAX. Also a good flick -- Kevin Spacey is a great actor; 10 minutes.

  • I finally updated my SourceForge ssh keys today; no more entering my passphrase for CVS commits... woo hoo!

  • About six of us helped our division secretary move to a new apartment yesterday. My joints felt it for the rest of the day --
    wow, I'm getting old!

  • Dialup download speed (read: lack thereof) sucks. Ugh -- how I miss my DSL.

  • Big fire on the other side of Mt. Huachuca for the past 3 days. On Friday, you could actually smell smoke in the air in Greely Hall.

  • Hack the Gibson.

  • The OSCAR "switcher" package, for various reasons, should be hosted on SourceForge. Unfortunately, the name "switcher" is already taken and I checked with the owner -- he doesn't want to give it up. So I just submitted a request for the name "env-switcher".

A little longer than a quickie...

I went rollerblading today; it was the first time in a long time. And it felt good, too. That is, until I realized that a bolt on my wheel had popped off. Doh!

I didn't fall -- it just felt weird, unbalanced, and jerky. If I had gone on few a few more minutes, the wheel probably would have popped off. Yow. :-(

Unfortunately, I was about a mile away from home when I realized this. So I skated slowly home, constantly stopping to re-adjust the axle so that it didn't fall out. It took quite a while. Amazingly, I found the washer that fell off the bolt, but not the bolt itself. Double bonk.

I'm going to have to find a sporting goods store around here that has parts for old model Rollerblades. Might have to go up to Tucson for that. Bonk bonk bonk!

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