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We'd like you to accept this flower from the Church of Religious Consciousness

A truly frightening NY Times article about the lack of privacy in America if Larry Ellison/Oracle get their way:


How much does SourceForge suck?
Quite a lot, if you ask me
Can't cvs diff

Actually, SourceForge does a pretty darn good job -- this poem was the result of not being able to commit or diff for over an hour yesterday. Yeah, sure, there's periodic outages and things break sometimes, but it's a free service, and it's generally pretty stable.

So while I reserve the right to write woetry about SourceForge, I generally give kudos to the SF staff for providing this free service.

Tim and I went out to dinner (well, he had dinner, I just had a beer because I had already eaten) last night, and ended up going to Bisbee. We went to some random bar and watched a NFL Europe football game between Berlin and Frankfurt.

Wow, they sucked. The game was just amusing to watch because of how much they sucked.

I talked to a local guy and it turns out that the punter on the Frankfurt team is actually from Bisbee. Additionally, the game was being shown in the US many hours after the game had finished (effectively the previous evening). So the guy was able to tell me the outcome of the game and several of the key plays.

It was kinda fun to turn to Tim (who was not part of my conversation with the local) and say things like, "You know, I'll bet they fumble on this play."

There was a local band playing in the back of the bar, and they were quite good. Good tunes, a funny football game, and Major League playing on a second TV above the bar made for good ambiance and atmosphere.

Bisbee is an interesting town. It was originally a mining town, but that's long since dried up and it's now an artsy kind of town. Lots of different kinds of people now live there; I'm reminded of grad school (particularly other people that I met outside of the College of Engineering), but in a warmer, drier, and more run-down environment.

I saw 13 Ghosts this weekend. Good horror flick -- I give it 15 minutes. Quite scary, and reminiscent of The Cell. Great effects, too. Character and plot development could have been a little better, but there was still quite a lot there to enjoy.

I'm still anxiously awaiting Spider Man. Spider Man was my favorite superhero. The problem is that my stupid friend Kirby is getting married the weekend that Spider Man comes out, so I'll have to wait a few extra days to see it. What a dork.

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