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I've got a wicked short fuse today...

Signed up for a slashdot subscription today (where "today" is actually quite a while ago now).

Got the env-switcher project. 2 packages. Happy.

The TV show Alias rocks.

Quote from a good ad for the Navy:

"Life, liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten it."

Some funny cluster haikus: http://lcic.org/haikus.html. My favorites, both by Mike CS:

My cluster is built
What to do now? Hey, I know,
I'll reinstall it.

Much too cold in lab
Boot the Itanium node
Ah, warm. Now can't hear.

Other random notes from my long absence:

  • There was a Big Fire right outside Ft. Huachuca -- it knocked out power to the base for a day. It burned some of the outlying training areas.

  • I went to a conference in Salt Lake City -- the Software Technology Conference -- for the Army. I was the token warfighter for the Army/CECOM booth (the rest of the people manning the booth were civilians). A fun and informative trip.

  • Had a great weekend trip to Baltimore to see Tracy; the rest of my family came over to Terry's place on Sunday for brunch. Tracy and I went to Kirby's wedding, which was was also much fun. Yay for Kirby!

  • Gave some tech advice to my Aunt Mary for the murder mystery novel that she's writing. She might name one of the characters in the book after me (the computer geek, of course).

  • CPT Klak has been deployed overseas, but still has access to IM. Thank God for the internet, huh?

  • It's getting hot here in AZ. When I come out to my car in the afternoon, it's hot. Damn hot. I've even been using my air conditioner here in my apartment.

  • Been busy at work. This week has been especially hectic. After some initial disagreements, we're actually achieving consensus for the project that I'm working on...

  • Kumquat does not rhyme with moose.

  • VMware still rocks.

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