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Trust your technolust

Spider-Man, the movie, rocked.

I saw it with Tim last night at the mall movie theater. I made poor Tim get there way too early (even though it was the 9:30pm show) because I was convinced that it would sell out. I think all the shows before the 9:30pm show sold out (according to the guy in the ticket booth), but even though there were a fair number of people at the 9:30 show, there were still plenty of seats left.

I went to a matinee of Spider-Man today to see it again (matinee = cheaper). Cool. The theater was jam-packed -- it was hard to even find a single seat.

Good solid plot (yes, there are holes, but it's a movie forpetessake), and good character development. There's oodles of movie "mistakes" listed at http://www.movie-mistakes.com/film.php?filmid=2225 -- I actually noticed a bunch of those when I was watching the movie the first time. Watching it a second time (i.e., after I read the list at the previous URL), I actually disagree with a bunch of the listed "errors". --
most can be blamed on "that's open to interpretation", tricks of light/shadows, "intentionally wrong because it's a movie device, stupid", or flat out wrong.

But there were a few. Nothing too huge, though -- mostly differences between camera angles, minor discrepancies between scenes, etc. -- stuff that's in all movies. The special effects were pretty cool, too. The story is very faithful to the comic book mythology. I won't spoil anything for those who haven't seen it, but suffice it to say that I highly recommend going to see this movie in the theater. It rocks.

I give it... (drumroll)... 30 minutes. This is probably biased because Spider-Man was my favorite childhood super hero, but so what? :-)

Much as I hate to patronize the machinery of the DVD business, I'm sure that I'll buy the Spider-Man DVD when it comes out. If I'm still here at Ft. Huachuca when that happens, I'm sure that I'll be visiting MAJ F's house (they have a DVD player) to watch it. :-)

While I was in Baltimore last weekend, my entire family ambushed me with the question "What the heck does your minutes rating scale mean?"

I still refused to answer.

As someone much smarter that me said, "I offer neither explanation nor apology."

Other movies that are coming soon that I'm looking forward to:

  • The Bourne Identity
  • MIB II

Episode II will be cool, but like Episode I, I probably won't rush out to see it right away -- I'll probably wait until I can go see it with Tracy. So no huge rush on that one.

It's getting hot here. Damn hot. My car is an oven every time I get into it. Even the breezes are hot. I guess we can attribute it to the altitude here that it took until May to get this hot, so I should be thankful.

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