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Well, yes. Happiness isn't happiness without a violin-playing goat.

I've recently discovered that I've earned two military service ribbons while I've been here.

If I understand this right, one is for national defense, and one for mobilization.

I've had The Crystal Method / Vegas tape in my car for almost the entire time I've been I've been down here.

That's right -- the audio in my car has been 100% TCM for over 6 months.

I watched the Oliver Stone movie Any Given Sunday last night. If I had to describe this movie in two words: un-freakingly-believably harsh. Wow.

That's really the best way to describe it -- wow. It's a very in-your-face Stone kind of movie. So I guess it shouldn't have surprised me, and perhaps it didn't, but it was still un-freakingly-believable in its intensity and content.

It's hard to rate this movie, because in some ways, it was excellent. But you really have to be in the right mood to watch it. Hence, if you catch it wrong, it'll suck.

So I give this movie -- 0. This is also known as "sympathy".

I've said many times that I won't explain my rating system, but I will say this about a zero rating: it means that you should take no extra effort to watch this movie, but if it comes along, you should not take any effort to not watch the movie, either. Which, in retrospect, is pretty much how I ended up watching this movie. So I guess the sympathy rating for the movie is appropriate in all kinds of ways.

I went grocery shopping today. I don't enjoy grocery shopping. Which I don't fully understand, because I love food, and when you go grocery shopping, you can get any kind of food that you want. And that should be strongly appealing to me. But it just seems so... annoying.

Have you heard the wive's tale, "Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry"? I've never understood this. Indeed, I think that's a stupid sentiment. If you're hungry when you go shopping, you'll actively seek out all the things that you like to eat. Why is that a bad thing? <sigh>

Two interesting things occurred while I was at the commissary today:

  1. I was thrilled to find Maggi in the seasoning aisle. I've long been wanting some seasoning to add to my soups and tuna salads. Now I've got Maggi -- that rocks! (I'd looked for Maggi in the commissary before; I either missed it, or they didn't have it/were out of it. Who knows/cares? I happy now)

  2. On the way out, to reward myself for going through the drudgery of grocery shopping, I bought a Snickers Cruncher bar, since I had never had one before. It was remarkably like the old Whachamacallit candy bars that you can't seem to find anymore.

I can't help wondering if there is a global conspiracy involving (at the very least) M&M/Mars candy company that has recently reincarnated Whachamacallit into Cruncher.


Happy Mother's Day!

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