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You know what they say about men with big feet? Big feet... large shoes.

Great quote from one of the daily reports that I read at work. It's from a field software engineer:

"Problem solved. The server couldn't access the DBS disk because the connection pins were clogged with dirt."

I've come to the conclusion that Honda Civics are psychic.

When Tracy drove my old Civic to the dealer when she was finally making the final purchase on her new car, it decided to get a flat tire. It just knew.

I took my current Civic into for its regularly scheduled maintenance the other day. I drove down to the dealership, parked, and gave the keys to the service guy and waited for the shuttle to take me to work. A few minutes later, when I was getting into the shuttle, the service guy told me that the battery had died, and that had to push my car into the service bay. It just knew

I had to have $200+ worth of service to get a new battery and routine maintenance. And there's still a ping in the engine that they tell me will take about $400 to fix. Bonk. :-(

Everyone should tell Perk that he needs to use Mandrake. All he has to do is pretend it's not French -- call it Canadian.

Any they're not spies.

I did a new release for the env-switcher project today (it's a standalone project, and is used by OSCAR). Lots of bug fixes and enhancements.

One "Totally 80's Weekend" on Comedy Central today, they showed the movie Mannequin. The funny part is that the main character's name is "Johnathon Switcher", so lots of people kept yelling "Switcher!!" throughout the movie. This all happened while I was working on env-switcher today.

I found it extremely amusing. :-)

Over the past week, SourceForge has decided that it doesn't like my lam-mpi.org address. I don't get it.

Mails to my lam-mpi.org address get significantly delayed (such as on the various OSCAR lists), but no one else's mail is delayed. I added a squyres.com address to the various OSCAR lists, and now I get mail to the OSCAR lists right away (to my squyres.com address). So I'm signed up on these OSCAR lists twice -- lam-mpi.org and squyres.com -- and I'm only getting one set of mails regularly.


It's really odd because I'll periodically get a huge bunch of e-mails (to the lam-mpi.org address) from SourceForge -- all the mails that had previously not been delivered. But this has been happening only every 1-2 days. So it goes like this:

  • Big burst of mail from SF to lam-mpi.org
  • Nothing for 1-2 days (to lam-mpi.org)
  • During this 1-2 days, mail to squyres.com comes in quite regularly
  • Big burst of mail from SF to lam-mpi.org

...ad nauseum.


Some random shorties:

  • Someone has done some work to a) add mpiexec to LAM/MPI, and b) make it work under PBS/tm. How cool is that?

  • Why would anyone advertise stocks and futures on Comedy Central?

  • My 8 year anniversary in the Army was this past week. Were I not mobilized, I would be eligible to get out of the Army (ROTC incurs an 8 year obligation). :-)

  • I upgraded to gaim 0.58 this past week. I now get a weird -- albeit apparently harmless -- popup error message after I sign into MSN. I filed a bug about it on SourceForge -- others have had the same problem.

  • I use the "check for updates" feature in Mozilla to monitor the LiveJournal of various friends of mine. Mozilla has decided to keep telling me that CPT Klak's journal has been updated, even though it hasn't been. <shrug>

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