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James James... the man so nice, they named him twice.

Tracy was here this weekend.

Woo hoo!

Now she's gone.

Boo. :-(

I bought some new CD's -- it's been a while since I've bought any. I got Garbage's Beautiful Garbage and something by Afrocelt Soundsystem, Volume 3: Further In Time.

The Garbage CD is cool, similar in style to their other 2 popular CD's, and I wasn't disappointed.

The Afrocelt Soundsystem CD is interesting. I got it after listening to a few tracks in the store. It's techno-trance-ish, so it has a good beat, but isn't totally spazzy. It has some guest vocals on it by Peter Gabriel and Robert Plant. I think I'm gonna have to find the other 2 volumes in this series.

Here's an amusing fact: IU's sendmail configuration classifies RNJournal entries as spam. :-)

Speaking of Arun, I still get 5-10 Klez e-mails a week.

This has nothing directly to do with Arun (although, through a convoluted series of subsidiary corporations and offshore holdings, direct lineage to All That Is Evil can be traced to Arun. That's a different story -- be sure to buy my upcoming book, "Hello, My Name is Arun; I'm From the Government, and I'm Here To Help / An Anthology of Evil"), but it has amusing to me that virus writers just recently picked up on a trick that I did to Arun years ago -- sending random mail from random users with random subjects so as not to be able to [easily] tell that they are fake mails. :-)

But on the other hand: would people freekin' update their anti-virus on their machines and stop sending this crap? It's getting annoying...

All the mailing lists on our mail server (including LAM, MTL, etc.) have been picked up by spammers. There has been a notable increase in spam sent to the lists over the last 4-6 months. Thank goodness for decent listserver software (GNU Mailman) that blocks the vast majority of it before it hits the list.

I joined the Tivolution last weekend. I've been thinking about it for quite a while, and finally broke down and bought a Tivo. I was partially inspired by the fact that I missed a key Alias episode a few weeks ago. :-)

It's a Tivo series 2 with a maximum of 60 hours of recording time. I really enjoy the scheduling features that it has, since I'm down here in analog cable land. It's quite convenient. The subscription to the service follows the Tivo unit itself, not its physical location, so naturally, the unit will come back to Louisville with me when I head home (whenever that is!).

It seems to be great, but it has crappy reception on channels 2-5 (which unfortunately includes NBC and CNN; two channels that I watch rather frequently). It's not clear yet if this is a Tivo problem or a cable problem. The apartment maintenance dudes are going to come in today and see if it's a cable problem.

More details on the Tivo as I play with it more...

I IM'ed with CPT Klak (Michelle) this weekend and last weekend. All is going [relatively] well in Southwest Asia. Apparently, she has recently got general web access, and therefore posted a whole schload of stuff to her journal last weekend.

It's evidently now ok to say that she's been deployed to Kuwait. It is hot hot hot over there -- it averages around 115 F with regular hair-drier-hot breezes in your face.

But there's a Baskin Robins there, so all is well in the universe.

I'm was at Ft. Monmouth, NJ (CECOM headquarters) this past week for a big ribbon-cutting ceremony as CECOM opened up a new high-tech testing facility. I was there to be part of the ceremony and give a pitch/demo of some of the Great And Wonderful things that we do for CECOM out at Ft. Huachuca.

It was interesting to see CECOM's headquarters and all the people than run stuff there. It's one thing to talk to people on the phone and/or have them come out and visit your site to do some work. But to really get an appreciation of their work, you have to visit their work site. This trip was most helpful for that (as have been all my TDY's for the Army these past 6 months).

I gave a "CECOM/Ft. Huachuca is Great!" pitch to the head of SEC, the CG of CECOM, and an NJ Congressman. It went over pretty well; our boss (the head of SEC) was very pleased because the CG and Congressman were impressed.

Some quickies about my trip to NJ/Ft. Monmouth:

  • I enjoyed seeing all the green and trees in NJ. Mmmmm... who thought that one would miss the color green?

  • It's humid here in NJ. I had pretty much forgotten what that was like.

  • I got a DoD CAC (Department of Defense Common Access Card) while here at Monmouth.

  • It takes a day to travel from west to east. Woof.

  • The beds in the Monmouth BOQ (Basic Officer Quarters -- essentially a hotel on post) have mattresses that are made from NJ's finest plywood.

  • Had some Unexpected Good Sideffects of visiting Monmouth for some other projects that I'm working on down at Ft. Huachuca. More details to come on those, but it could be quite interesting.

For all you ex-bones out there:

I say space, you say Needle
space - needle
space - needle

Another good quote: "We sang songs, we abused crudwells, and we had a big black skillet with billions of stuff in it and no one could figure this game out. Maybe that game could have been more obvious- I don't think so."

Big black frying pans ROCK!

As usual, I offer neither explanation nor apology.

Returning to AZ after being gone for a week, I have the following to say:

  • Pine's threaded mail headers are a Very Good Thing.

  • Arizona is hot. It's not humid, but who cares? It's hot! 100-110 degrees with breezes like a hair-dryer in your face. It's probably not quite as bad as Kuwait, but it's gotta be in the ballpark...

  • Jeremy F still loves Fabreeze.

  • AZ is surprisingly green. I don't know how it happened, because there hasn't been any rain since about January, but a bunch of the desert shrubbery is now green. The colors here are still primarily pastels (browns, tans, etc.), but there is definitely some green out there as well. <shrug> Go figure.

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