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Secret 597: Whoop, there it is!

Wow -- my last journal entry was tagged by IU as spam.

This is especially amusing because I ragged on Arun's journal for being tagged as spam. :-)

Here's what IU said about my last journal entry:

 X-Perlmx-Spam: Gauge=XXXXX, ProbabilityP%, Report=CTYPE_JUST_HTML, PORN_3,      SMTPD_IN_RCVD 

I can't do anything about the CTYPE_JUST_HTML and SMTPD_IN_RCVD items, but PORN_3? What the heck did I say to deserve PORN_3?

Clearly, my clandestine plot of subversive pornography spam has somehow manifested itself in my journal. Curses! Foiled again!

Turns out that my bad reception problems on the Tivo were actually due to bad cable wiring in the wall.


Woo hoo!!

I forgot to mention some things about my trip to New Jersey. In addition to seeing green and an abundance of trees, I also got to see two other things that I rarely see in Arizona:

  • Fog
  • Morning dew (particularly on a car)

This page intentionally left blank.

I accidentally stumbled across a cool perl script for doing PGP (GPG) things in pine. It's called the Pine Privacy Guard. It allows the secure caching of PGP passphrases for the entire pine session -- yummy! This has been a headache of mine for years -- I always have to re-type my passphrase to decrypt every encrypted mail and to send every encrypted mail. Pine Privacy Guard also displays the output of the gpg run better than my scripty-foo does. It also supports mail-to-PGP-key aliases/mappings, something that I could have used many times in the past.

But it doesn't support having multiple encrypted sections in an encrypted mail, nor does it support having unencrypted text in an encrypted mail. So I mailed the author and asked if he would support that.

I also re-discovered the $HOME/.pinercex file. When you use a global pine configuration file via IMAP (like I do), you can have a local $HOME/.pinercex file that has overrides of individual settings from the global file.

This is quite handy for specifying local executable names for display filters, etc.

I went to see The Sum of All Fears today. Wow. Quite a chilling movie. I read the book several years ago, so I don't remember all the details of the plot, but I do remember at least a few things that are different. The imagery is quite vivid and explicit. Not a film for kids, especially after 11 Sept.

Ben Affleck did a good job as Jack Ryan, though. Kudos!

I give this movie 15 minutes.

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