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July 2, 2002

Amdoore's Internet Law: smaller, faster monkeys every 18 months

I received a hilarious audio file in e-mail the other day:


If only I knew where I wasn't, then I'd be able to determine where I didn't need to go, and what I wasn't supposed to do.

I had a vanilla coke today to see what all the hoopla is about.


I have my Mozilla to monitor a few of my friends' LiveJournals. It lets me know when any of them have been updated.

Michelle's LiveJournal, for some unknown reason, modifies itself periodically (i.e., without Michelle's intervention). Mozilla tells me that her journal has been updated, so I go check. Visibly, there's no change from the last time I read it. But a diff shows that random HTML tokens seem to get insertted in the middle of the text.

I attribute it to anamolous solar flare activity.

One LAM to find them
One LAM to distribute them
One LAM rules them all

Make today a LAM/MPI day.

I found out that you can only pause live TV on Tivo for 30 minutes if you aren't recording the program.


July 5, 2002

It's got butter on the table, right there between Butter James and ButterPeter... an almost mind-blowing vortex of art and material...

Another sign that the apocalypse is soon: The Crocodile Hunter movie.

Fact 'o the day: Doug the handyman on Mad About You wears Notre Dame / Fighting Irish t-shirts.

I finally fixed my rollerblades today -- it took forever because I had to borrow an allen wrench to do it. While fixing them today, I noticed that I desperately need new wheels -- mine are very, very worn down.

So I bladed for about 45 minutes today. The first time you go rollerblading after not having done so in quite a while is always an interesting experience. First it gets you in the joints (particularly in the hips). Then the leg muscles. Woof!

No pain, no brain. That's what I always say. I think.

I had a 3 way call with Brian and Sriram today for some interactive LAM debugging. I had to dial a whole schload of digits to get them connected (not counting multiple mis-dials):

  • 1-800-CALL-ATT (dial down the center) -- 11 digits
  • 1 + Brian's phone number -- 11 digits
  • calling card number -- 17 digits
  • PIN - 4 digits

Then repeat the procedure to call Sriram.

That's a whopping 80 digits.


But it was all worth it -- after about an hour, the proverbial light bulb went on over Brian's head. Amusingly, it didn't sound like "click", it sounded much more like, "Oh holy mother of #$%#@!% God... I know the @#$%@#$% reason that the @#$%@#$% @#$%@#$% @#$!#@$!@#$ thing doesn't work! #@%#@$%@#$%@#$%@#$%@#$!!!"

These are just because I said so:

24 hours. A
very long day. Do you think
we need more caffeine?
Wizzle bizzle bot.
Flappy blappy mackle boo.
Ginkel plakma dee.
Jack and Jill ran up
the hill, eating their curds and
wey. Oh, wait... not right...
Driving my Honda
down Fry Boulevard; crusin'
Sierra Vista

(by the way, yes, that's a joke)

main(argc, argv);
{ printf("Hello world\n");
return 123; }

(just don't pronounce (, ), {, }, ;, or ")

Colorful slinkees
Is there anything better?
Cascading down stairs
Dollar bills. Tan shoe
polish. Red cabbage. What is...
Renzo's happy time
"Can you hear me now?"
Verizon ICMP
standard protocol

July 21, 2002

Frankley, my dear Scarlett, I don't give a LAM.

Quote from an old friend who I just congratulated on becoming a father:

Hey, thanks! Being a dad is the Best Thing Ever (TM). I can't wait to teach him about pointers :-)

Some quickies:

  • Saw "MIB II". Good but not great. 12.5 minutes.
  • Started watching The Dead Zone on USA. Good series! Anthony Michael Hall does surprisingly well.
  • Bought Fatboy Slim, Live on Brighton Beach. Kewl.
  • Bought The Crystal Method, Keep Hope Alive. Had I been paying attention, I would have noticed that it was a single. But it's still good, and the last song particularly jams.
  • It's started raining here in Sierra Vista. Nothing huge yet (so they tell me), but it's definitely a change. There are clouds in the sky regularly, for one thing.
  • Tivo found Red Dwarf for me! Woo hoo!
  • Michelle's journal on livejournal.com still reports "changing" all the time, even though it doesn't change. Murlph...
  • Perk is investigating beds, and the relative Goodness and Badness between different kinds/brands/etc.
  • Ogg/Vorbis (and their development web site) hit 1.0 the other day! Woo hoo! Ogg/Vorbis rocks. If you don't use it, you should.
  • Random factoid: Ogg/Vorbis 1.0, Perl 5.8.0, and Debian 3.0 all came out on the same day. Coincidence? Government plot? Astrological alignment? Alien influence? You decide.

I actually have an office at work now (I was in a cubicle before). Surely it must be the apocolpyse if a lowly Lieutenant has an office! I'm also a "Team Leader" (my old title was "Project Officer" because we couldn't think of anything better).

We just had a re-organization at work, which is how this all happened. While I'm actually flattered that they think enough to me to give me a title and an office, I still find it funny.

Serious sidenote: I typically don't say much about work here in the journal, mainly because I don't want to say something that I "shouldn't be saying". Hence, say very little... or [usually] nothing at all. It's not that I do much... er... "interesting" (read: classified) stuff. But the Army is very squirrelly about what can go on public web pages, etc. (with good reason, I might add).

That's why I don't talk about work much.

Had a great trip home last weekend. It's nice to see my wife and house every once in a while. :-)

I've done a bunch of interesting work on LAM recently. I think I mentioned in a previous journal entry that the Age of SSI (System Services Interface) has begun. I did the RPI (need to do the gm RPI today), and we'll be doing other kinds of SSI APIs soon.

Even though I've mentioned this before, it's just so cool that I needed to mention it again. :-)

If you want to see a quick version of what we've been working on, check out the What's new in CVS? page.

OSCAR will hit 1.3 stable tomorrow. I did a lot of work to clean up the installation and user docs. Good stuff.

The listserv on lists.squyres.com has been flaky lately.

It seems to be related to the new (beta) version of GNU mailman that I put on there. The machine reboots every night, but for some reason it doesn't seem that the mailman software starts up every time the machine restarts.

Hmm... Seems to be related to a lockfile problem; if the lockfile is still there when the machine reboots (as it does every morning via cron), Mailman won't start. Simple fix.

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