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August 11, 2002

Demobilization, baby!

There's a lot of News Radio episodes that are named after Led Zeppelin albums.

We've been paying $7/month for Tracy to have "Extended Voice Mail" on her cell phone. We finally decided that since Tracy rarely ever uses that voice mail, it was silly to continue paying it. So I called Verizon and canceled it.

But it turns out that "regular" voice mail is free. "Extended" voice mail simply means that you can have more messages. So we've been paying $7/month for lots of voice mail capacity that we've never used. Arrgghh!!

The NBC show Scrubs is really funny as hell. Very well written -- hilarious stuff. I highly recommend it.

Tim and I rented Kung Pow: Enter the Fist the other night. Egads, what a horrendous movie! It used the same set of 5 (not very funny) jokes over and over and over and over and over.

50 feet.

Woo hoo!

I got orders in hand today to demobilize. I will be driving out of Ft. Huachuca on or about 20 October and heading home to Louisville.

I am still currently stop-lossed, which means that even though my ROTC commitment is over (as of this past May), I can be demobilized and go home -- I just can't resign from the Army. So I'm currently in the midst of trying to find a computer/IT-related position in or around Louisville for a regular one-weekend-a-month, two-weeks-a-year kind of reserve unit where I can ride out the stop-loss. No word on that yet -- we'll see how it goes.

But I wanted to share the fact that I actually got orders in-hand today saying "Go home!". Of course, the Army can change that at any time -- so I won't fully believe it until I'm in my car heading east, but at least this is something to shoot for.

Amusing story: so I've been working the demobilization issue for about 2-3 weeks now -- it's amazingly complicated to leave here and go home (you have no idea)! During this process, I asked the question, "So what organization was it that actually activated me last November?"

I asked because down here at Ft. Huachuca, I am working for an organization called "CECOM" (Communications and Electronics Command). Before I was mobilized last November, I was working for the Army Research Lab (ARL). So how I got mobilized and deployed to CECOM while I'm still formally attached to ARL, I have no idea (ARL and CECOM are unrelated organizations).

Apparently, no one else knows, either. My G-1/personnel guy told me, "Sir, after making about 40 calls trying to figure out who activated you, I gave up."

Your tax dollars at work. :-)

August 18, 2002

You know that there were actually 6 Arnold the Pigs. This is #3. Not myfavorite.

Response from Ron (another grad student in my lab group) on my demobilization announcement:

Now that Jeremy streams techno/dance mp3's into our office speaker system, and I make very inappropriate comments at inopportune times, your services are no longer needed. I'm afraid we have to let you go.

Too funny!

The Notre Dame Palm Pilot player (written by some ND undergrads) was indirectly mentioned in an ESPN article the other day:


(yeah, sure, it could be a different ND fight-song-playing-palm-pilot-program. But it's more fun to assume that it's the NDPMP)

Fun fact o' the day: 24 camels is called a "qoonta".

Today my Tivo delivered the new No Doubt video and a short "making of" video in a special selections area (i.e., it did not come across cable -- it came directly from Tivo).


I went to the early bird showing of Signs this morning. I couldn't find Tim (granted, I only called him about 20-25 mins before it was supposed to start), so I went alone.

It was ok. Not a "must see", but a decent-to-good movie. Lots of good suspense, actually. They did a lot of interesting things with silence and quiet -- a very "audio" movie (which can be a strong element of a suspenseful move), if that makes sense. Also interesting was the fact that there were some glaring not-quite-right sci-fi details in the movie. This was mostly ok, actually, because the story really focused on the family and suspense aspects. But don't go to the movie expecting an action packed sci-fi.

All that being said, it's definitely rentable. 10 minutes.

August 28, 2002

What if instead of reporting the news, we reported... the _space_ news?

Last week's Witchblade was very Fight Club-esque.

This week's Witchblade (season finale) was somewhat different. It'll indicate a rather large change for next season. I guess that keeps in tradition with the first season's finale, too.

I'm still trying to get some help from AR-PERSCOM (Army Reserve Personnel Command) on two things:

  1. Getting my promotion straightened out. I've still got no promotion orders yet.
  2. Finding a new unit in Louisville.

I called them last week in pursuit of both of these and got the following voice mail message:

"Due to a manpower shortage... there is no one here to help you. Do not leave a message."


That being said, CPT S. was doing his best to help me, and he was actually fairly responsive and helpful. Thanks, CPT S.! CPT D. finally managed to come through for me, and I got my promotion orders faxed to me yesterday. Waaaa hooooooo!!!!

My effective date for O-3 is 1 Sept, so I'll have a formal promotion ceremony next week sometime.

No word on a new unit yet -- still working that issue...

Had a good week with the 'rents; they came down here to visit me here in AZ. They saw the sights (mostly while I was at work), but we did a bunch of touristy things together over the weekend.

I finally managed to catch the two Alias episodes that I missed during the regular season. Makes a bunch of things make a bunch more sense.

Short journal entry today.

And yet we'll survive.

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