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You know that there were actually 6 Arnold the Pigs. This is #3. Not myfavorite.

Response from Ron (another grad student in my lab group) on my demobilization announcement:

Now that Jeremy streams techno/dance mp3's into our office speaker system, and I make very inappropriate comments at inopportune times, your services are no longer needed. I'm afraid we have to let you go.

Too funny!

The Notre Dame Palm Pilot player (written by some ND undergrads) was indirectly mentioned in an ESPN article the other day:


(yeah, sure, it could be a different ND fight-song-playing-palm-pilot-program. But it's more fun to assume that it's the NDPMP)

Fun fact o' the day: 24 camels is called a "qoonta".

Today my Tivo delivered the new No Doubt video and a short "making of" video in a special selections area (i.e., it did not come across cable -- it came directly from Tivo).


I went to the early bird showing of Signs this morning. I couldn't find Tim (granted, I only called him about 20-25 mins before it was supposed to start), so I went alone.

It was ok. Not a "must see", but a decent-to-good movie. Lots of good suspense, actually. They did a lot of interesting things with silence and quiet -- a very "audio" movie (which can be a strong element of a suspenseful move), if that makes sense. Also interesting was the fact that there were some glaring not-quite-right sci-fi details in the movie. This was mostly ok, actually, because the story really focused on the family and suspense aspects. But don't go to the movie expecting an action packed sci-fi.

All that being said, it's definitely rentable. 10 minutes.

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