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I saw the sunrise as

I saw the sunrise as I was driving to PT Friday morning.

It was about 6:05am when I left my apartment. The sun was still behind the distant mountains, but there was plenty of "before sunrise glow" to see by. Some cars were still using their headlights.

As I was driving in a northbound direction on post, the sun peeked over the mountains -- I could see it through my passenger side window. It appeared first as an incredibly bright yellow dot on the top of the mountains, and grew into a small arc of shiny yellow.

With the sun rising on my right, shadows started appearing on my left. Fuzzy at first, then growing in sharpness while simultaneously shrinking in length. The air turned bright gold. A glowing hue materialized on all the houses, trees, and fences as I drove by. Glancing back to my right, the sun was a shining semi-circle that continued to grow.

Shades of gold slowly faded towards yellow. Houses gleamed and reflected more gentle colors as the sun finally raised itself halfway over the mountains -- the ever-larger semi-circle above the mountains now started showing its lower half.

I turned my car westward so the sun was directly behind me. Its rising presence was so bright that I had to flip my rear view mirror up to avoid its blinding glare. Even in the "night" mirror angle, I could see the growing orange fireball still climbing over the mountains. Other cars started to turn off their headlights.

Seconds later, the sun completely cleared the mountains. The whole land was lit -- and here in Arizona, you can literally see the land for tens of miles in most directions. Shadows extending westward were now sharply defined, white houses had returned to white, and all traces of twilight were gone. The day had begun.

Elapsed time: probably around 30 seconds.

Idly musing while watching the shift in spectrum of ambient colors, I wondered if we humans -- as a technological race (reflecting my own bias, of course) -- will ever be able to create something so beautiful and majestic as a simple sunrise.

I honestly don't know.

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