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November 4, 2002

What are we supposed to do until then? Go without coffee and snacks like wild animals in some kind of police state?

I have 11 six-foot telephone cords.

That just seems like way too many.

Notre Dame finally lost yesterday -- to Boston College. We really looked like crap. :-(

I kinda figured that we'd lose at some point this season... but to BC? Why'd it have to be BC?

We're still in the top 10, but... well, we'll see what happens in the rest of the season.

I cleaned out my "server" closet today (hence, I know exactly how many six-foot telephone cables I have), and put up shelving in there. No, don't get excited -- it's plastic, pre-fab shelving from Home Depot. But the place is much more organized now. I (re)discovered a mini-tower that was sitting in the back that I had totally forgotten about.

Hmmm.... I wonder what it is?

Think it'll run Mandrake 9.0?

What the hell!

When I finally cleared out the closet and got everything back in order, I hijacked squyres.com's monitor and hooked it up to this beast. It booted Windoze 95 (plus). Wow. Time for the sucker to die.

So I put in the MDK 9.0 disk, and (after a few tries) got it to boot up the MDK installer. Kudos to MDK for having an installer that will fall back to ANSI graphics mode if the video can't handle graphics! Who woulda thunk? (yes, this machine is really old...) Ok, the curses-based graphics weren't entirely flawless, but it worked reasonably well enough.

Turns out that this machine is P166 with a 2GB hard drive (I laughed out loud as I found out those two pieces of information). No problem -- I found a few spare hard drives today while I was reorganizing (4, to be exact). One of them was 4 GB (the others were all smaller!), so I popped that one in and have re-started the MDK install, just for giggles.


I got a new WAP at Best Buy today. Instead of a standalone WAP, I got a router/4 port switch/WAP. It was the same price as a standalone WAP. In the words of Austin Powers: yay capitalism!

I also bought a Sony AV3000 uber-remote control for our entertainment setup downstairs. The jury's still out on this one; it was somewhat expensive, but it did allow me to ditch 7 remote controls for just that one. Tracy seems to like it, too. It has some pretty powerful capabilities which I'm only sorta using. We'll see how we'll it works out; I may still exercise the Best Buy return policy...

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