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Dave, I'm standing still. Conclusions jump at *me*!

(this is a recovered journal entry from 30 Dec -- the Day Of The Crash)

Today, many bad things have happened. And I'm sure that I know why:

My dad got touch tone service today.

Surely, the universe is in turmoil.

First: my advisor's RAID went out. It also had the nerve to go out a few months after the automatic backup routines silently failed. So no good backups have occured in quite a while. Then the power system failed, so the array itself was totally hosed.

Then I upgraded my server machine to MDK 9.0 (from MDK 7.1). And inexpleciably lost a whole crapload of stuff on a data-only partition (i.e., not the partition where the OS resided that I was upgrading). Including 2.5 years of JeffJournal information.

Shame on me for not backing up my /home partition before upgrading, but I really didn't think that I'd need to. :-(

Luckily, Darrell had a HTML version of everything from the beginning until May 11, 2002, and Tracy had e-mails of [most of] the rest. It'll take me a while to switch everything to a new format. I'll also look into using a "real" blogging system instead of hacking up my own again.

I've now starting using a primitive backup scheme where I rsync my server to my desktop. I noticed an interesting phoeneomon while doing the rsync: I have 100Mbps between the two machines (they're both on the same linksys switch). My server is an ancient 200Mhz PII machine, and my desktop is modern 2.4Ghz P4. So streaming from a slow machine to a new machine, using compression slows the transfer down. This is not too hard to understand, obviously, but it's just interesting to note that the speed of the network is greater (per se) than the processor speed of compression. You don't see that too often. :-)


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