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Some notable things I forgot

Some notable things I forgot to mention about Christmas week in my previous entry:

  • We went to see Tim and his family (Tim who was activated and deployed with me down at Ft. Huachuca). That was great -- he's got a nice house, treated us to way too much food, and we finally met his wife and kids. A good time was had by all.
  • My C-*'s and I gave my parents a ReplayTV for Christmas. With much efforts, he ran a telephone wire over to the entertainment center (which entailed moving all the furniture, raising the rug, etc.) so that it could be activated, do its regular downloads, etc. After doing this, he found out that it only uses touch tone dialing -- it doesn't seem to be able to use pulse dialing (Dad has steadfastly refused to pay extra for touch tone service and has used pulse dialing for years)! After discussing many technical alternatives (hooking it into the DSL LAN via various methods, buying tone-to-pulse converters, etc.), Tracy said "why not just finally break down and buy touch tone service? I'm sure it's significantly cheaper than what you're talking about..." And yes, at $0.50/month, it is. So it looks like Dad will likely have to break down and pay for touch tone service. Too funny! :-)

    Follow up on this: apparently there is a selection deep within the menus for pulse dialing, but it doesn't work! Dad finally got someone from tech support to confirm that it doesn't do anything [yet]. That seems kinda weird!

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