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A few days ago, I upgraded my web server. I carefully had all my MP3s and JeffJournal data on a separate partition (/home) from the operating system. However, somehow, during the upgrade process, about half the files in /home disappeared. Yep -- they just up and disappeared.

I'm guessing that it's because I upgraded from MDK 7.1 to MDK 9.0, and the home filesystem was resiserfs. Specifically: I'm guessing that it wasn't the OS upgrade that caused it to get hosed, it was the filesystem upgrade that caused it to get hosed.

Either way, I lost all my mailing lists and all my JeffJournal data.

Fortunately, I got all the data back from friends who still had it in their inboxes and other places. I'm therefore now in the process of rebuilding.

I also lost all the JeffJournal custom software. This isn't a major tragedy, since it was really only "adequate" at best. It had a few nice features, but it really wasn't anything special. So I scouted around and discovered a nice system named Moveable Type. It seems to have a lot of nice features, so I think I'll go with it.

Now off to investigate the "import" features of MT to figure out how to import all my old entries...

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