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So Dave is... Canadian?

More quickies:

  • Saw the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday. The thearer wasn't quite packed, but it was quite full. Good flick, but a little slow in the middle. Still, I overall enjoyed it. 7.5 minutes.
  • Mortguage rates are going down down down. Might be time to refinance.
  • The LAM 6.5.9 release is still not out the door yet. It's being a PITA; we keep finding minor buglets that force yet another release candidate, etc. Hopefully, we're getting close.
  • I spent 2 days at my army unit last week doing PKI stuff (Public Key Infrastructure, the initiative to get the entire DoD on a common unclassified digital signature/encryption standard). I now have a new CAC and card reader at my home to do experimentation and whatnot with. We have to field this stuff to our entire division by 1 Oct 2003. That will be, er, a challenge, if you know what I mean. On a positive note, though, it's neat stuff, and even with all of its shortcomings, is a good idea and will [eventually] have a positive impact on how the Army (and the entire DoD) does business. Also, I got to preach the Gospel of IMAP/SSL to USARC (US Army Reserve Command); for various reasons not worth going into here, USARC may implement IMAP/SSL across the entire Reserves because of PKI. That could be way cool!


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