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So I got my new

So I got my new (RMA'ed) linksys today. Anyone want one? I'll sell it -- cheap. It's actually a fine unit -- it just doesn't do what I need. And don't try to upgrade the firmware. :-)

My D-Link router is nicer in almost all regards, except that it has 2 problems -- one minor, one major:

1. Minor: the DHCP lease times for linux boxen seem to be really weird. The dhcpcd.log file complains of infinite lease times, and the router shows the lease as expiring in 2016. This doesn't really matter at all, but it should probably be fixed.

2. Major: the wireless activity on the WAP periodically just goes catatonic. Resetting the router (either via the web control panel on a wired connection, or power cycling it) makes it come back. But that's kinda useless if you're working via wireless. :-)

I called D-Link about these issues, and they had me submit technical details on #1, and told me that they're working on #2. We'll see what happens.


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