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They belong together like H and 2 O

We had an OSCAR working group meeting at IU this week.

My tenure as the chair of the group is now over (it was a one year elected position). Woo hoo! Freedom! :-)

Actually, it was a good position, and I enjoyed it. And I think I got a lot done. But it took a lot of time, and now I really need to be able to focus on my dissertation. And that means spending less time on OSCAR.

The meeting was good. We talked/argued/yelled/compromised/came up with good solutions. It always fun and rewarding to work with other technical people on complex problems that require difficult solutions and lots of brain work. Good stuff.

I spent far too much of today debugging GNU Automake's depcomp script. Ugh. I typyed up a lengthy / detailed bug report, but http://sources.redhat.com/ has been giving "Connection Refused" since yesterday afternoon.

At some point, I really need to edit the journal page templates to make them how I want them. I also need to make it send out mail upon new entries. I also need to make millions of dollarts. I also need to conquer the world. I also need to...


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