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What is this thing "homies" that you speak of?

Oy. We cleaned and organized our basement all day today. We went from piles and piles of junk to a somewhat-more-organized, slightly-more-clean piles of junk on shelves (heavy duty prefab shelves from Home Depot). And it takes up far less space, now that they're on shelves. Woo hoo!

I've got most of my OSCAR coding done. It seems to be working, but I ran into a bug which looks like it's in SIS. I posted to the devel list and am waiting back to hear from the SIS guys.

In other coding news, I ran into a bug with GNU Automake's depcomp this weekend (and spent far too much time on it). It has to do with generating automatic code dependencies on Solaris when using libtool. How's that for a special case? I've been trying to submit a bug report to sources.redhat.com, but it's been refusing connections all weekend. :-(


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