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What is this thing "trees" that you speak of?

My car's turn signal sticks when it's cold.

Random quickies:

  • Brian and I decided on the final feature list for LAM 7 today. Target is May 2003. Damn the torpedoes, LAMming speed!
  • Tom hosted his first OSCAR meeting today. Most excellent. :-)
  • I found out why sources.redhat.com was refusing connections -- they changed their IP address. Doh!
  • Perk's journal is working again.
  • Tracy and I gave Eileen a Tivo in return for all of her generosity (I stay in her spare bedroom when I vist Bloomies). She was thrilled beyond words (literally) -- a truly classic reaction. She randomly spontaneously yelled "I LOVE TIVO!" over the next 36 hours.
  • I forget what four was for.


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