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Guess how many pieces of gum Beth chewed last year?

After an uptime of almost 72 days, I think I need to reboot my desktop machine.

The sound is totally hosed -- xmms simply barfs when I try to launch it. And vmware sessions have been running inordinately slow lately. Well, I guess that this is what I get for running a pre-production Linux kernel. :-)

Some quickies:

  • Jeremiah and I will be getting a new release of OOMPI out the door in the near future.
  • Tivo is now capturing Who's Line for me, which makes me happy :-)
  • I'm ashamed to admit that I got sucked into Joe Millionaire (it was Eileen's fault!) -- my first (and hopefully only) reality TV show. It's sooooo horrible, yet I can't stop watching. It's like a train wreck. Literally. There's only one decent woman on the show (all the rest were catty and horrible in one way or another), and I have a bad feeling that he's not going to choose her next week (the final episode). :-(
  • I reported a bug in the GNU Automake project, and it's officially fixed in the upcoming release (v1.7.2). I'm now listed in the THANKS file.
  • Oompa-Loompa's didn't wear shoes.
  • The SMP algorithms in LAM are going very well. After about 8 different implementations, I finally found a nice, elegant way to do it. I should be able to make much more progress on them this upcoming weekend. The performance increase for MPI_BARRIER alone is staggering -- it's awesome, baby!

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