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I just paid an assload of money to join that Ted Chambers gym.

It was warm enough the other that my car's turn signal started to automatically turn itself off after a turn again.

Yes, you read that right. When it's cold, my car decides to leave the turn signal on, even after I have completed the turn. It's like my car is whining that it's too cold to be driving around. "Why are you driving? Shouldn't all right-thinking people be in nice, warm houses? [click] I'm just going to annoy you by leaving the turn [click] signal on, and perhaps in [click] frustration, you'll retreat back home. [click] [click] [click]" Unfortunately, this has as much effect as deer thinking, "If I don't move, they can't see me." So I treat it like passive activism. My car is the Ghandi of Honda Civics.

I forgot to say that we finally managed to get LAM 6.5.9 out the door.

Louisville has gotten a fair amount of snow this winter. It snowed again last night, making the roads a total mess. Andy tells me that the roads were a mess yesterday between Bloomies and Indianapolis, too. That doesn't help, since I have to run some errands today. Bonk!


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