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Large retroverted smets

A long standing problem with my cell phone was fixed yesterday.

More to the point, I learned something about my cell phone. With the help of Verizon tech support.

For quite some time now, the little envelope "you have mail" icon has been flashing on my cell phone. I'm talking many months here -- since October or so. My phone was trying to tell me, "you've got mail!", but I didn't. I knew this because I would call my voice mailbox and it would tell me "You have no messages."

Yet still the envelope icon would flash. Ever onward.

For some reason -- I think I was waiting for a lengthy compile -- I was looking at my cell phone the other day, and I was thinking about the ever-flashing icon. So I though, "I wonder if I upgrade the firmware, it'll fix this. Sure. I'll try that."

But then I couldn't remember the super-special number to call that upgrades your firmware. Doh!

So I ended up calling Verizon tech support, and they were able to tell me the number straightaway (*228, for those of you who care). While I was on the phone with them, I asked about the flashing icon. The guy looked something up and said, "yes, we can fix that -- I need to do something over here."

Fantastic! Not only was calling Verizon tech support the right move, I didn't even need to do anything! The ultimate in tech support for lazy people! Talk about enabling... Anyway, he did a few things and asked me to power cycle my phone.

"Is it still blinking?" he asked.

"No. Yes. No. Yes. No. Yes. I guess it's still blinking," I said.

"Hmm. Do you have any text messages waiting?"

"Err... what? My phone can do text messages? People have sent me text messages?"

Apparently, this is what happened. When you leave a voice mail on a Verizon cell phone, you have the option to "leave your callback number." I never knew where that number went, because it doesn't become part of the voice mail message. Well, it turns out it goes into a separate queue -- your text message queue. It futher turns out that someone left me a callback number way back in October, and that's when this whole ever-flashing fiasco started.

So my phone was doing exactly the right thing -- I just had no idea that it even had that capability.

Computers. Someday I'll understand 'em.


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