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Are you trying to say Jesus Christ can't hit a curve ball?

A sad day. As some of you may know, I typically use quotes of some form or another for the subject lines of my jjournal entries. I have a running text file of them where I add new ones and mark ones "USED" that I have used in journal entries. This helps me prevent from using the same quote more than once, for example. I typically have my quotes grouped by subject. My last entry had the title "Oh come on, people... there was blood in the water, you all smelled it... I just did something about!" Sadly, this is my last available quote from the _News Radio_ section. Now that News Radio reruns are no longer on A&E, I don't get a fresh injection of quotes anymore. Doh. :-(

Yesterday, while driving home from Bloomies, I made a record _23_ voice memos on my phone. Granted, doing voice memos on the phone is a new thing for me (I used to put my palm pilot on the steering wheel and try to write on it -- sometimes with more success than others...). Clearly, the voice memo thing is a much safer (and FDA-approved!) method for me to remember things. But stil. 23. That's a lot.

I forgot to mention that Tracy and I went to the Louisville festiville this past weekend. We went to the minor league Louisville River Bats baseball game where we could see both the game and the air show going on over the Ohio River at the same time. We had seats in the upper deck along the third base line. I was looking to my left, watching the planes, when *[THWOCK]* -- I got _pounded_ in the chesk. Now if you've ever had the experience of getting unexpectedly and soundly thumped in the chest, let me tell you -- it's a little startling. It's not something that one expects when calmly minding one's own business and watching planes fly over the Ohio River. Needless to say, I had a few choice words to say about the matter, which unfortunately were not quite suitable for the children sitting around me. Whoops. Fortunately, though, I think I was so startled that I said them all quick quickly and unintelligibly. So anyway -- I get chest-thumped, and instantly spin my head to see what the heck smacked me. Just in time, I see a baseball bouncing off me and veering over the railing and falling into the lower deck. Yes, that's right -- I got hit by a [foul] line drive. Never even saw it coming. It's not something that you would expect -- to have to dodge a fast moving baseball that is aimed straight for you. Sure, you'd like to catch the odd foul popup, but you usually get pretty good warnings of those. This one came in with no warning bells, no sirens, no "Hey look out!" (not even from my lovely wife, who was sitting next to me, and who *was* watching the game :-) ). Seriously, I think they should put a proximity sensor on the ball so that if it's going to hit someone, it can shout, "Look out, old chap, I'm about to hit you!" (with an English accent, so that it can reassure the potentially helpless victim that the baseball, too, is just as helpless as the person it is about it hit). All I got was a bruise and a little soreness, but no real problems. The usher came down and spoke to me no less than 4 times asking if I was all right. So all in all, it was actually quite amusing, and it makes a good story. :-)


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