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Half received unexpected messages and the women who love them, today on Oprah

By accident, I found some keystrokes in Mozilla that I've long since wanted: the ability to switch between tabs: C-PgUp and C-PgDn. I haven't found these documented anywhere. Yay!

Wow. Here's a special case in the gm RPI that I've been chasing all morning... * A peer process sends a message to me * I have not yet posted a receive for this message yet * The envelope is received, and I notice that it doesn't match any of the posted receives. So it's marked as unexpected, and placed in the proper area. * The message is "short", meaning that there's still another message coming -- right behind this one -- that holds the actual content of the message * But the underlying message transport (gm) indicates that there's no message here yet, so we return into the main MPI progression, and back up to the user program * The user program then posts the matching receive * Down in the RPI, the receive is matched with the half-received unexpected message. * I setup such that the next received gm message from this process will go directly into the user buffer * ...but the request was still marked "ACTIVE", so it followed the normal (expected... as opposed to "unexpected") message progression, which meant posting it to the "pending receive" queues, even though it was already halfway finished. So I had previously done about half the Right Thing -- I recognized that the short body was still pending, and tried to setup to receive into it. But I left a little bookkeeping undone, so Badness occured sometime (randomly) later. Wow. As I said last night, "Holy special cases, Batman!"


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