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High priority ACKs

LAM 7.0 marches on. We keep finding bugs in the beta tarballs, which is a _good_ thing. Finding bugs in a beta tarball means that that tarball was a success. Oh yeah -- correspondingly, we are fixing all the bugs that we find. :-)

I talked with Creative tech support today and got a pretty helpful guy (most importantly, he was not condescending, like many tech support people tend to be!). He was fairly technical, and after a while, we figured out my problem. So my wife's MP3 player is working again -- turned out to be a stupid registry problem in Windoze XP home. After I cleaned out lots of bogus entries in the registry, it all started working again. Blah! Why don't Windoze installers remove their own keys when they remove an application? It's fortunate that we found this; today is the last day that I could return it to Best Buy for a full refund with no questions asked.


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