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Oh come on, people... there was blood in the water, you all smelled it... I just did something about!

So if Neelix was picked up relatively near the beginning of Voyager's journey across the dela quadrant, and Voyager was among the most advanced (i.e., fastest) ships in the whole delta quadrant, how is it that he kept running into people that he knew after three years traveling towards the alpha quadrant on Voyager?

I downloaded and installed the _Phoenix_ browser to see what all the cool kids are talking about. Seems pretty nice -- it supports all the things that I'm used to in Mozilla, but -- as others have mentioned -- in a smaller, faster, sleeker way. My desktop is a 2.4GHz machine, so it's pretty fast already, but there is a slight noticable speed difference in each of its operations (rendering, making new tabs/windows, etc.). It has a few new features that were somewhat nice, too: easily downloadable themes (and lots of them!), a downloads sidebar, the more advanced history stuff (can't remember if Mozilla has that or not, but IE certainly does), etc. Seems cool. I'll stick with it unless something Bad happens.

LAM/MPI is chugging along towards 7.0. Woo hoo!


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