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Sashquatch eggs

Hahah! It finally happened. This morning, I did a "cvs up" to get the latest code for my Instant Messenger client (gaim), built it, and launched it. I immediately got the following message from AOL: bq. (06:38:31) AOL Instant Messenger: You have been disconnected from the AOL Instant Messenger Service (SM) for accessing the AOL network with unauthorized software. You can download a FREE fully-featured, and authorized client, here "http://www.aol.com/aim/download2.html":http://www.aol.com/aim/download2.html. Which is ok, because I barely use my AOL IM account anyway. I actually don't understand why AOL protects its IM network so fiercly -- given that they are not meeting their marketing numbers and not experiencing rapid growth anymore, why wouldn't they allow others to interoperate with their IM network to boost popularity? No -- that's a rhetorical question -- don't bother answering (I don't really care). But it's still funny. :-)


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