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This is what I'm saying

A bunch of stuff happened this weekend: * Euro-MPI/PVM paper deadline got extended to 5 May. Whew! * Mowed the lawn. Grass was really long. * Tracy and I won the Game Night trophy (a stuffed rooster) for my flying tackle of the mulch around Janna's backyard trees while trying to catch an "errant tracball throw":http://www.thinkertoyscarmel.com/tracwham.html. I'm told it was quite spectacular. * Finalized our tax records for 2002. * Found out that my family will all likely be visiting here at some point this summer. * Got someone interested in helping do the web development at my church (which is good, 'cause I was doing very, very little, and my artistic web skills suck). She even does it for a living, and looks like she's pretty good at it. Woo hoo! * Did a whole bunch of filing and organizing of various home records (how exciting -- but I feel "caught up" now) * Found out that some friends of mine are going through a tough time. Consider yourself notified to keep a special intention in your thoughts. * Tracy's fairly-new MP3 player is now non-functional. More to the point, the crappy Creative Windows software that comes with the player is non-functional. Attempting to do _anything_ in the software makes it croak with a "PlayCenter has encountered a problem and will now quit." popup error box. I have uninstalled / reinstalled no less than 432,453.7 times. Shockingly, it's still broken. And tech support is not open on the weekends.


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