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Unhealthy looking cross between a possum and a racoon

I upgraded to gaim 0.60 on my laptop the other day (on my desktop, I keep up with the CVS HEAD, for no apparent reason). I was somewhat disappointed -- the font sizes were tiny and it didn't allow me to change them. [shrug] So I downgraded back to 0.59.whatever, to find that my buddy lists had been converted and lost. Ugh! I finally got them back, but lost all my aliases. Oh well. I'm not complaining (much), actually. gaim -- although it's lacking some notable IM features -- is actually a pretty good program, and it's impressive that its main maintainer keeps chugging out the code. Kudos to him!

There's two main features missing in the textile plugin for MT that I enjoyed with jjc -- quick shortcuts for horizontal separator bars (like you see above), and surrounding text in the <code> HTML tags. Maybe someday I'll go look at the code and see if it's easy to add those in (I'll bet that it is :-) ).

Nic H. found a bug that's been latent in LAM since December of last year. It only surfaced last week because of a second bug, but still -- kudos to Nic! And kudos again! Because we're going to enter our "pseudo-freeze" in the [hopefully] month before we release LAM 7.0, I think we're going to run a contest based on points for all of us finding new bugs. Something along the lines of each new bug report will earn between 1 and 5 points (depending on the level of detail and accuracy of the bug report). The winner will be the person with the most points when we finally release 7.0 (hopefully mid-May!). The winner will get some fabulous prize. :-)


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I think one of the biggest hassles with instant messaging is that itís tied to the computer. If Iím away from the computer, like watching tv, I may miss an important IM. I can leave the speakers on the PC really loud, but then Iím always jumping up and running back to the PC to read an incoming IM in case itís important. Most of the time itís not. I can subscribe to a service with my cell phoneóbut that costs money. So here is (I think) the perfect solution, and a good GAIM plug-in thatís not too much work.

I just installed a Pluto Home system (plutohome.com). Itís a free, open source smarthome and media server. You put Bluetooth dongles on all the pcís in your house, and then when you enter a room your Symbian Bluetooth phone turns into a remote control for everything in that room. It already tracks your movementóif you start listening to music in 1 room, your music will follow you as you move with your phone to another room. And it already sends messages to the phone based on events. For example, when the song changes, the cover art shown on my phone changes to show me whatís playing.

So that got me thinkingÖ Why not make a GAIM plugin for pluto so that whenever I get an IM, I see it on my Bluetooth phone? That way I can either type a reply on the phone, or go back to the computer if I want to use the keyboard, or ignore it if itís not important. And Iím not having to run back and forth to the computer to check IM. And itís free since it uses Bluetooth! Plus, I think itís such a real convenience it would be a great way to get people to switch to GAIM.

I talked to the programmers at Pluto and they said it would be really easy since their stuff is already written in small modules and plugins. However, since weíre all open source, we could also just take whatever pieces were useful and do something completely new using the same concept.

Many of the other GAIM projects listed are either specific for only some users (like Apple iChat), or would only be used by geeks (like the Perl interpreter). But not having to run back and forth to the computer is something everybody wants (imho). I donít see how to recommend a new idea for GAIM, so Iíll just try the forums and hope somebody else likes it too.

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